November projects: After action reports

And, done!

The rest of the posts will filter out over the next 9 days, on preset timers.

It's kind of a relief to get it done.

It doesn't quite do what I was planning for it to do in the beginning, but parts of it are close.

This also means I'll be able to follow the other projects from now on, so that's a bonus. 8)

Well done, Timothy.
I'm trying to cramp six faeries into two days, so I can have the job down before I get on the road for my holiday break.
Automatic timers? Does Wordpress do that for you?
I've greatly enjoyed your alternative Order of Hermes!

You can set posts so that they publish at a particular time. Over on the right in the composition screen, there's the Publish box. See where it says "Publish: immediately: Edit."? If you edit the publishing time, you can schedule posts to go live on later days.

Thanks. 8)

And, so we come to the end of the month...

So I can now go back and enjoy other people's efforts.

Congrats to all the people involved. It was a valiant effort, one that I'm sure will be useful to people playing the game, even when incomplete. Thank you very much

Well it was a fun challenge, I really pushed my imagination - and hence I have 1/3 of a season of Practice in...something.
But I quickly realized doign some thing every day for a month is not very compatible with my life. Ok, I do manage to play in several online Advanced Civilization (yes, the old out-of-print Avalon Hill game, made for online play!) games with 24 hour limits on moves, but still there are days where nothing happens, or one just needs to make a 3 second action to complete the move.

Also, I had expected to have to sit around in a job I was fired from at slack off the entire month, not suddenly get thrown into a new job planning (parts of the) the biggest building project in Denmark ever...

But if at least one person finds just one of my story seeds useful, even just for inspiration for creating a story of their own - it was totally worth the effort.

Next year, we should all write together on one thing. I think having 150 posts on a new thing suddenly appear over a month would be kind of epic.

Christian, consider your effort worth it then :slight_smile: I am sure I am using a few of those in our upcoming saga!


I vote for a crowd-sourced Mythic Cathay.

You're an evil, evil man...

I myself would vote for a mythic Sicily or Mythic Malta project since Cathay is just too far from my interests, but hey. Considering my crazy November schedule this year I doubt I would be able to contribute much anyway. :slight_smile: heh


Well, if we are all on the same page/mind set in a year, I'm happy to pitch in and contribute. It would certainly take some planning, and the suggested subjects would take research as well. I like the researching process, but would want to do it prior to November next.

My druthers would be an alternate setting. Still Mythic Europe, naturally, but set in a different time. It would be neat to provide material for a saga set during the Order's foundation years (late eighth century), the Schism War, or after the Black Plague, sometime in the High Medieval/Renaissance period.

Right, then it was all worth it. Thanks. Several of these seeds were things I ran - or one of the other SGs - back in our old 4th ed sagas back about a decade ago. But I doubt any of those players frequent the forum so nobody knows...

But you have almost an entire year to prepare!
Anyway, why the deuce was this done in November? I thought christmas was the season of sharing? or am I confusing it with the season of spending...

Season of sharing your money with the stores? :mrgreen:

I have no idea on malta, and know very little on sicily, so it would be starting from scratch. The problem is that I have so many things on my dish already that this would be being done in october-november, really! heheheh


That wouldn't by any chance be on the Århus Harbourfront would it? :slight_smile:

Always nice with new story seeds! And for a source with 30 of the kind, with different themes, one can be sure to find some inspiration for a story. Much appreciated.

Close but no cigar. Think further inland, north end of the city. Think healthcare.

Malta and Sicily coukd be done in conventional books.

Now, Mythic Jamica...that would be a heck of a thing...

Still too conventional.

Let's go with Mythic Garden of Eden, with Bonisagus added in for flavor. :open_mouth:

I love the idea of making an Ars collaboration. But i see no reason to wait for next November, though :slight_smile:
The idea of a common theme is good, and we could stick to the single post/episode each day.
If we could set up a team of at least a handfull of contributors, it would be no more than one post per week for each contributor.
Thus, busy people would still have time for other endavours - and have time/energy to read the posts of others.

Maybe it could be fun to keep things a bit open still, and let the theme develop as we go.
Thus people could still prepare some ideas up front, but not actually have any stuff done before kick-off.
My reason for suggesting this is partly the excitement of an unknown and slowly forming concept that you can follow each day - but also the fact that contributors would be required to read and give thought to the developing storyline.
And instead of merely revealing a finished story peice by piece, contributors would inspire and challenge one another as we go.
Since everyone has their own playing style and way of portraiting Mythic Europe, this could really give some 'out of the ordinary' and varied tales.

All contributors would have to work hard to maintain coherency though.
If the team of contributors were to tell a standard faerytale or design a complex riddle, this would be an almost impossible undertaking.
Instead the theme could be somewhat narrow, but still flexible in terms of the type of content.

An example of this could be to design a Covenant, specialized in tracking the remaining Diedne Druids and covering their tracks, so that neither the Church nor the Order would find them - to keep Peace and balance in Mythic Europe.
The first contributor could then write about the geographical location of the Covenant, which was not given in the theme. Maybe the discription places the Covenant in a very specific and exotic location, or maybe the discription is so local, that we still don't get to place the Covenant on the map.
Then the next contributor, could come up with the size and shape of the actual fortifications or other physical manifestation of said Covenant, or perhaps a historical recitement from the first Tribunal they attended, giving us the names of a few Magi and the outlines of a story they were part of.
Another post could be a more technical or stat-heavy discription of the Covenant Grogs or a particular Mechanical Wonder, that is an Invested Device.
Or if one is thus inclined, the post could be a section of a Diary where a future Covenant Leader discribes his intension about creating a Black Ops Covenant as a last resort to keep the Peace.

Thus even if the Contributors write in very different ways, and focus on different parts of ARS content, they could each add to the flavour and complexity of one big collab.

Give us a month to recover, then we can talk about this...

To once again mention Mythic Jamaica: it has the advantages that:

  • it can't be done in the standard line.
  • the islands can be used as sandboxes by each author.
  • it lets parochial Americans get closer to home.
  • it has Aztecs in it.