Novgorod Saga around Diedne/mongols/infernal themes

The magi have started to investigate the infernal aura!

First clues are promising!

The magi have decided to make a break, but some of them wanted to investigate alone!

As soon as they divided, one magus fall in an ambush and was heavily wounded!

He is now in great need for heals, his life is almost extinguished!

The covenant has been offered help, but at which price. Will they pay the price?

What will happen?

I'm looking for one additional player who could enter in play immediatly (especially if he is of house Flambeau).

Magi should be at 75 hermetic age post their gauntlet. Players should design a companion too.

More information? Contact me on the game thread.

I don't suppose this game is still active and open to new members?