NPC magi stats?

Is there a good source of 5th Ed NPC stats and NPC summaries on the interwebs? I already have Magi of Hermes and that isnt what I'm looking for.



I can't believe I'm saying this but... the latest issue of Sub Rosa have training packages for magi (like the one's used in the Grogs sourcebook, but for wizards). They are well worth using. I've written up two advanced NPC magi now using them. Neither one took much more than 20 minutes from start to finish and most of that time was picking out spells. If you're willing to shell out a modest amount of coin for the resource, it's a good one.

Dont really have 20 mins for that, I was looking for something pre-generated in entirety.



Raid people's sagas.

There are plenty of sagas online, often with fully detailed characters

Try here or here

Even if it's pregenerated, it may not match what you need. Rarely do I need to fully flesh an NPC...and usually they are primary antagonists.
Raiding sagas here is probably a good suggestion to build something, or asking if anyone has a character who can do X easily might also offer something useful.

Fully detailed NPCs are a rarity, learn to live with it - learn to wing it :wink:

What I've done is put together some fairly simple code on the wiki our saga uses that presents some suggested arts scores based on the Hermetic age of the person in question.

It presents three profiles: specialist (2 primary arts, 2 secondary arts), generalist (5 primary arts) and generalist (15 primary arts).

It's a wiki, so viewing the source code is easy enough. I use the ParserFunctions extension for the math stuff.

I should warn you, if you're not used to reading HTML / wiki-markup then the source is likely to look like gibberish :slight_smile:

(nb: is my business site and has nothing to do with Ars Magica, nor does it contain a link to the wiki)

I like this site ... 27+Sanctum

Lots of great characters there

Sorry the language:

But here i have written many magis, some of them powerfulls/skilled.