Number of Magi in the Different Tribunals?

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As a follow-up for my last question, are there any official numbers of magi in the different tribunals? I know there are official numbers for the magi in each house and the overall magi, not including unGifted Redcaps, but are there any for the different tribunals?

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I have a Google spreadsheet with some demographic information, here:

The sheet represents only the 5th Edition Tribunal books. This sampling of the membership represents about 60% of the Order in their Tribunals, and may be useful for projecting to other Tribunals.

The roster does include Redcaps.

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The book ORDER OF HERMES was published in 1990 for 2nd edition. Page 54 of that book lists the number of magi in each Tribunal. This is no longer canon, but it has had an influence on the current canon.

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Thank you very much, I'll see if I can buy a PDF version and check this out.

You might also be interested in, a list of and notes on Covenants in the Order.

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It's not exactly what you asked for but maybe you could also use our map of the order of hermes. I found it on the net and expanded a bit. It's focussed on the greater alps tribunal, where my troupe has an ongoing saga and it's still not finished. ... 125076&z=7