Objects from the Realms of Power

Are objects taken from the four realms of power inherently detectable as being from that realm of power? If a character gets lost in a faerie or magic regio and brings back, let's say an apple, can the apple be mundane or must it always be infused with the essence of the realm (vis, for example)?

If they come back with something from Faerie, most likely it'll turn to ashes, leaves sand etc by the next day to keep in line with Faerie.

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Even a 1st level regio? Is it all just glamour? What is faerie iron?

What about a magic regio? How would a rock taken from there be different in the mundane world? Or would it?

A random apple from a tree in a glade with a Faerie Aura of 1?
It could perfectly well be entirely mundane.

It might be a prop of faerie power, but it could simply be an apple.

I'm thinking of at least a regio, not just an aura.

Could still entirely mundane, though slightly less likely so.

Or possibly taking the apple takes away some of the vitality of the faerie, because he has to invest a small percent of his glamour into the apple to keep it 'stolen'... while also feeding him even more vitality because of the story and interaction; and even if you don't use that option, giving the faerie a penetration bonus on the target for stealing from him.


In this case, how would the glamour appear if an intellego vim spell was cast upon it? Is there any vis automatically present? Or can the apple appear to be completely mundane? How easy or difficult can it be for a magus to realize the nature of such an item?

I would like for the item to appear mundane, but still have a way of determining that it is more than meets the eye. What kind of magic reveals glamour? If a young magi has never encountered glamour before how would you describe it to them?

It depends on what you take and where you take it from
an apple that is just an apple taken from a faerie regio is likely a mundane apple that got stuck in a faerie regio and adopted into the stories that are told there. unless it is an apple that is a part of a faerie feast, or which is located in a part of the world where apples are not prevelant, in which case it is probably something else covered in glamour to make it seem like an apple, and will revert to whatever it really was when it leaves the regio.
this basic rule applies to all realms at the lower levels - they tend to be mundane objects that have been pulled in to a regio. unless it is an infernal aura or regio in which case the aura/regio has likely caused rot then hidden it. Things which are not part of the landscape are things of the realm itself- faerie is incidental matter covered in glamour, magic tends to be an ideal example of the thing, etc.
of course if the aura/regio is over 5 the mundane things are likely warped...

I would allow it to be detected as faint traces of magic and either tell the player that it does not resemble traces of normal magic or if they have low levels of Faerie Lore allow them a roll to see if they recognize it as glamour. For people with higher levels of Faerie Lore I would allow them to automatically recognize the traces of magic as glamour if they can detect the traces of magic in the first place.

Well.. it does depend on what the object is, I think. Taking silveroak's 'faerie apple' example, Faerie lore could notice the traces of the fey apon this apple, the gleam of the color is a bit too shiney, etc. As far as spells.
My players used to sometimes get a bit muddled by intellego spells - they'd ask to use an intellego spell and then roll without specifying further parameters. First, InVi needs to specify a realm, they have to consciously be looking for Faerie. An apple made entirely of faerie glamour, I'd say a base 1 equivalent to 'presence of a magical aura', but not the base 1 vis detection. It would also probably show up with the base 5 of 'any active magic' targetting faerie.
Or an InHe base 4 or 5 to learn the properties of a plant.

I think its probably base 5, since its an active (but weak) effect. If you think glamour is more like vis or an aura (so base 1), then the spell is only level 10.

Detect the Lies of Faerie (InVi 30)
R: Personal, D: Concentration, T: Vision
Allows the caster to perceive objects made by/of faerie glamour. Such objects will be surrounded with an aura. Note that this must penetrate in order to detect a faerie's body.
(Base 5, +1 conc, +4 vision)

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Good spell, I like this solution. Thanks to all for the many great answers!

The needs of the story should really define it. If the PCs end up wandering through faerie forest then the apples on the trees might be entirely mundane, even in a regio with a strong faerie aura. But the apples from the giant silver apple tree in the wondrous glade, THOSE apples are faerie props, steal one of them and theres a story of some kind in the offing.

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