Off-Topic... or is it?!?

So, over on facebook, somebody posted a vimeo of a recent Key and Peele sketch, involving someone inviting their cousin to a D&D session and the session going awry when said cousin wants to be a "giant named Kanye".
The sketch goes about as you'd expect... until 2:50 in. I made my perception role, and realized that the book isn't D&D related at all! (At 2:57, you can even tell which page they're on.)

Now, the real question is: who in the Key and Peele production staff is the AM fan?

Nice Perception roll :slight_smile:
IMS you can be a giant no problem. It has all kinds of attached problems in itself. We have had a bunch of giant sized grogs recently and they were great in some situations and a real problem in others :slight_smile:

Ouh, i know that comedians, i saw both of them on their channerl on youtube and on guest apparitions on others, and the "cousin" on Modern Family.