Official Dice?

Any news for when we that weren't able to get them during the Kickstarter will be able to buy the official Feng Shui dice? Inquiring minds want to know.


I second such a fine question. :smiley:

I don't think there have been any announcements about the official Feng Shui 2 Dice becoming available--I got the impression they were exclusive to the Kickstarter.

It'd be cool if they were though!

We still have some of them, but they're not packaged for retail and we're thus not able to send them through distribution channels. I have a feeling we'll think of some cool use for them in future, especially if Special Ops members want to run FS2 for us at local conventions and game days.

I have plenty of dice from the Kickstarter, but I definitely love running improv FS2 sessions! I did it at last year's Gamernation Con in Plano, TX, and plan to do it again at the next one (in March 2016). I'll be on the lookout for other local cons to share the Feng Shui love!


I just ran my first Feng Shui session. With a friend and my teen boys. Will be at Gamernation Con this year and would love to catch a game with you.

Sweet! I'll definitely be scheduling some events when the event calendar thingy goes live. If it's anything like last year I'll also just be running pickup games whenever there's a few hours free.

I also have in mind some Cypher System improv'd one-shots to run there too. Can't wait to see you!