Oh, the shame of being a roleplayer....


Funny...but i have to think it is a last ditch effort to wriggle his way out of trouble. A plea of temporary insanity...:slight_smile:

My (medieval) character always 'burn' books right off the wizards communinion, without paying attention to the cow and calf rule.

Does that make my home collection of illegal movies acceptable? :smiling_imp:

In terms of embarresment I'd also choose Crossdresser over Roleplayer anyday... ahm NO! :laughing: :open_mouth: :laughing:

Someone botched their dice roll :unamused:

Well, it could have been worse: he could have claimed that he needed the lingerie for his LARP costume.

Good Lord, What next? :blush:

This is worse (to us) than the guy that was in the sewers fighting (giant)rats...
but then again who else remembers that? It was twenty something years ago...

Crud I'm old.....


That wouldn't have bothered me. We table-top roleplayers know that LARPers are an entirely different and wierd sub-species anyway :wink:

ducks the flaming larps

p.s. Flaming larp? Sounds like something from the old AD&D Fiend Folio.....

Why did he need 2 bras? What kind of an elf was he? Whenever I decide to steal my lingerie I only need 1 bra.

I find the logic a bit odd , if he was playing a female elf in a Shadowrun setting ,
why was he not delusional enough to go looking for a store that sold elven lingerie?
(there are specialist shops for metahumans after all)

LARPs really need a ruling that middle-aged men are not allowed to play female elven thieves.

EVERYONE should have that rule. That needs to be a law. Especially here in Los Angeles.

AND vice versa!!! It is a extremely hard to recover your characters poise after having had an ingame flirtatious scene and then realising that the other character with whom you had exchanged words wasn't the young lithe woman it seemed, but in fact a middle ages man!!! :blush:

It is indeed intensely distressing , when one has been flirting with a (presumed) middle-aged man ,
to find out that "he" is really some bimbo elven ho in skimpy lingerie. :astonished: :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well actualy I don't think it's such a shame... why? because even if incidents like this happen once in a while to larpers governements peoples are more implicated in depravate stuff... or lawyers.... this is funny, right but how many peoples in the world per day cross the line between fantasy and reality? there is a lot of sick peoples in the world and skyzophreni is a comon sickness.... I'm actualy surprise there so few of us making weird stuff. But when it happen SURPRISE it's everywhere on the journals.

I guess it's just me, but I hate RPG "gender-bending" in all forms.

It isn't just you.
In any game i run , there is generally a no "cross-dressing" policy.
One of the younger guys in my group did do female characters , but they were default lesbians ,
as he said he had no actual interest in roleplaying attraction to male npcs (the male PCs were perfectly safe)

The exception being Changelings in Eberron ,
who are fully functional as either gender in whatever form they take.

Pehaps it was all my early gaming that conditioned me.
When i first started roleplaying , we always had mixed gender gaming groups.
It wasn't until i started going to gaming clubs that i encountered guys playing female characters.
This always struck me as a bit weird , but it didn't affect the game much.
Some of us did want guys playing female characters to wear fake boobs ,
because it was a bit hard to suspend our disbelief at times.

Did they wear them? :open_mouth: :laughing:

We actually got some of those aprons that had a female torso printed on them.
When in character they had to wear them.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thats pure comedic genius!
I have to get some of these guys to do that so I don't have to be the only girl all the time!

I sometimes play as a female character, multiple reasons:
A) I have an idea in my head, and it fits a certain image, if it is female, I play female, simple as that
B) The group has exclusively male characters in a setting where this would not be logical, I make ideas until A has come to pass (for instance in the first Ars Magica saga, we played in wales, where I thought some hedge wizarding witch would work better than yet another male, to signify the common practice of wisewomen and yes, witches)

I think of all the characters I made, about 30% were female

If it is hard to distinguish reality from play, you shouldn't play at all, if it isn't hard, there is no reason not to play female exept for personal preference. Imagine a storyguide who does not wish to portray female characters, the saga would be a little lopsided...

I do not have qualms about being attracted to males in play, or marrying them, if it's within reason for the character (if you play for instance, the female scholar template, it would not be logical to marry a man, but for a normal maga, there should be a reason not to be straight).

My Trianoma is a short balding man in reaching 30, I myself am a tall, long haired guy 26, I am not going to shave to get into character (let alone shortening myself) and didn't wear fake boobs when I was playing Teleri. If you can not see your fellow players as the picture they take with them, you will also lose a lot of fun seeing the SG's machinations, it is part of the deal that makes roleplaying fun.

(I must admit that after a certain LARP (I must seem like a real nerd, but I started swordplay and got sucked in) I reacted at purple things for the next few days)