Old Perspectives

The 4th edition fan zone "Mythic Perspectives" has been dead for some time. Even Atlas only squires the distribution rights to the last three issues (9, 10 & 11).
I do have to wonder though; do the contributors retain/reagain authority over their old articles like with Sub Rosa?
It has been over a decade since the last issue was published and I would hate for the articles in the first 8 issues to be lost forever.

I know that some authors were highly active in the community (notably David Chart and Niall Christe) but have stepped back.

I believe there was a five year clause? I presume I own mine now...

I may have acquired scans of all the pages a few years ago, but don't have the originals. I've tried desperately to reach Damelon, but haven't had any luck yet. I'm hoping to get permission to keep them for people to read and access. We'll see what happens.


I have originals and a scanner. if you get a copyright clearance tell me. And I can hook you up.

So, I finally received a long awaited reply from Damelon which was suboptimal, but indicated that the contents of the articles belonged to the authors and that he couldn't give me permission to post Mythic Perspectives.

With that in mind, and using the scans I have, I'm going to reach out to the authors I can find, and see if we can reprint the articles in Sub Rosa, in some arrangement that's good for those authors, so the material isn't lost in the ether. My preference would be to make them part of each issue, but also separately available for download. We'll see what I can put together.


Good idea.

To add to the possible workload... Does that also hold with any artwork?

Always happy to go with new artwork, of course.

I think I hunted down PDF scans on the 'net at one point. I own most of them in physical copy as well, but didn't want to cut them up.

I've cleaned up the scans for the first 8 issues, and compiled the author/article list for them. I have to pull my physical issues for the last three, but I'll start engaging. Fortunately, I am pretty familiar with a couple of these authors, so that'll help.