Older edition books giveaway

My shelves are overflowing with game books and I have to get rid of some of them. I have a sizable selection of early editions (1st and 2nd mostly I believe) of Ars Magica books. If anyone is interested in them they are yours for the asking for free (I'll mail them) otherwise I will discard them. I can whip up a quick list of them tonight.

I am interested in those.


1st and 2nd? yes please!

I am very interested!

I'm interested!

I'm in the US and willing to share shipping costs!


Yes, let's hear what you've got

Earlier editions (most of them don't have any edition info)

Ars Magica original edition (signed by the authors)
Ars Magica Revised edition
Order of Hermes
South of the Sun
The Sorcerer's Slave
Trial by Fire
A Winter Tale
Black Death
The Stormrider
Festival of the Damed
The Tempest
Mythic Places
More Mythic Places
Character sheets
Pact of Pasquine

3rd edition

Ars Magica 3rd Edition
Mythic Europe
Medieval Bestiary
Storyguide's Screen
Midsummer Night's Dream
Wizard's Grimoire
Lion of the North
Twelfth Night
Deadly Legacy
Mythic Europe
Pax Dei

4th edition

Ars Magica 4th Edition
Houses of Hermes

Sent my notes to you via PM!


Hmmm there are quite a few rare's in there... :confused:

Oh and add the 3rd and 4th edition base rules. I've been digging through more books.

I'm sure you'll find people willing to pay the shipment costs, but I think it would help if we knew your country of residence. I, for example, live in Germany, so buying books from America makes absolutely no sense.

Also in Europe, so seconded except for the 1st edition, that one I'd happily pay shipping for!

I am in the USA. Yes, shipping to Europe would be very expensive. The stacks weighs about 20 pounds and would cost $60+ to ship.

Inside the US it will be more like $23 or $11 if I can get the book rate.

Well, please check your PMs or let us know how you'd like to proceed. I'm happy to help give several of those books a good home. :slight_smile:


Considering the state of his PM, he has not been online during the past days