Once more with a feeling...

I have two groups that I GM in ars and this was my bi-monthly sunday group which consists of three female and one male player who I met in the student theatre group a bunch of years ago.

The group consists of:

  • Kiani (Female Merenita) a happy-go-lucky swashbuckler with a fear of turtles and by some strange curse has a tendency to have her spells look turtlish/summon turtles when she botches
  • Rhianne (Female Bonisagius) Probably the greatest genious in Mythic Europe when it comes to academia, but terrible shy
  • Tristan (Male Tytalus) loves to play politics with everything and always build plots within plots.
  • Isolde (Female Tytalus) and younger filia to Tritans master and Tristan's rival for the attention of their parens and recognition in the Order.

So yesterday the people show up as usual and we start to play and suddenly when they have their Wizard's Council, the otherwise so quiet Bonisagius suddenly stands up and starts to sing about how hard it is to be a shy lab-rat and that she really wishes that she would dare to speak up and be part of all the social goings-on on the Covenant. I sit there totally dumbfounded and ace no idea whats going on, and the other players act as if their characters do not notice this, and instead continues to talk very quietly about the local nobleman and the troubles he might pose for the covenant. Then she sits down and continues to roleplay her other so quiet nerd.

I try not to laugh (out of shock) and try to compose myself to continue to GM, though i need to take a break for a second or 10 to gather my wits. Then during the game at various intervals, the players do each sing a song about how their character's feelings and dreams.

The Merenita sings a song about that finding the other magi dull and that they seek no action like she is.
The two Tytalus sings a duet about their rivalry and how much they does infact love eachother but are too afraid to show it

I love my players :slight_smile:

Free xp all round. Your players are awesome.

Seconded. Though I might throw in some Confidence instead/as well.

Genius! :smiley:

You now have to turn this into a story hook. Sounds like an awesome mania to start affecting covenfolk.

I'm now going to penalise my players for every time they do something without singing.

Oh, they got confidence and bonus xp for that one.

And yes, I am building a story hook around it, but I can't say too much now as I know that they are somethimes visiting this forum :slight_smile:

So, you had the musical episode... :smiley:

When do they release the CD? :laughing:

Seriously, with Audacity, which is free, you could do that.

That's so awesome. And Audacity is super easy to use.


EDIT: And where are you that you have two groups, so I can move there?

You can have one of mine?

Well, Linköping which appears to be (or at least appeared to be when I moved here 12 years ago to go to college) the gaming capital of Sweden, which not only had a city council-funded game club but it also hosted the 2nd biggest Game Con in Sweden and has done so since 1996 I think. And about 80% of all my friends is or have been members there. :smiley:

I think i could get enough players for could hosts 4-8 more players if I just went out and told people that I was GMing a new game as there are so many gamers around here.

In 30 years of gaming I've had that happen once. Also with a group of theater folks.

Roll with it. Turns out your covenant has been infiltrated by a powerful musically inclined Faerie, powerful enough to get past the aura (or tricked a magi into getting a token). Now the grogs and covenfolk start singing, and odd plots start to happen drawn from musical theater. The covenant stops working as the librarian suddenly has romantic interests and everybody sees the ghost of her sinner father (Carousel) and a gloomy grog suddenly kills the grog sergeant after the grog sergeant married his mother (Hamlet). At least the food is good, but it looks like the old cook has the hots for the a barber-surgeon (Sweeny Todd) with strange manners. You could also use less anachronistic plays. I just couldn't think of how to adapt "Clouds", "Oedipus", or "Tristan and Isolde" to my punchline.