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I found this great list of Japanese Bars with English names yesterday and thought I'd share it as potential locations for your PCs to go to:

Especially since the one Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde's gave me an idea for two bar co-owners that I wrote up a quick profile on, though I haven't sat down to sketch out their stats yet but when I do I'll try and get them posted if anyone wants to use them (or make up your own stats if you want to just use the characters).

Jekyll is a martial artist. He's a tall (for a Chinese man at least), muscular but well toned, is almost always seen in a pair of loose fitting pants and a tight white t-shirt. He wears his hair very short and tight. Generally the PCs will want to deal with him as his personality is very calm, cool and collected. He's friendly, but no nonsense at the same time. His racket is booze and information. He's a Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan type of guy, he looks and acts very friendly but will kick your ass at the drop of a hat.

Example dialogue: "What can I get you today boys? Beer, bourbon, whiskey or the news of today?"

Hyde on the other hand is a gun freak. He always has at least two or three guns on him at all times, if not more. He's of average height, average weight, and is almost physically the exact opposite of Jekyll. Where Jekyll is attractive and well groomed, Hyde's face is covered in acne and acne scars, his skin is greasy and clammy and his long hair is always unkempt and looks rather unwashed. If you've seen Mystery Men, think of The Spleen. If he feels like the PCs are being disrespectful or are wasting their time he won't hesitate to pull a gun from one of his holsters and point it at someone's head. Jekyll immediately intervenes and stops Hyde from pulling the trigger, which is almost always followed by Hyde's catchphrase of "Awww c'mon Jekyll... Just let me shoot 'em a little!"

Hahah those are some far out names! Great find! It's flavor like that, those kind of resources for FS that needs to be available for people.

Anyone listen to any good all purpose role playing podcasts? Here's one I found on world building and how to develop a story for your characters:

Podcast was sorta hit or miss. Handy and informative in some ways, rambling and confusing in others.

Oh wow hey, I guess I've been living under a rock, but West End Games released a giant bunch of their stuff as free PDFs, including a Locations book, complete with Locations with Props which looks perfect for Feng Shui. To be honest, I've been half looking at using a D6 variant system in place of the FS system just to see how it plays.

Nice, especially the locations PDF gave me some good ideas of places to take my PCs for various missions and such. Especially things like an airport pick up that turns into an attempted hit, the classic fight at the abandoned amusement park (or even better a crowded one), etc.

It's also kind of funny how the "things to see" section can easily be translated into a "things your PCs can use as improvised weapons" section. :stuck_out_tongue:

Video of Transformed Animal: Bear, before becoming human:

Long and hokey but amazing video of people using a greatsword to hack through a variety of things: