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Posted Maia's actions for 1.1.

For 1.2 Quite Possibly a Cat says:

Hehehe, doubt we can afford these things in lieu of Art books and Lab texts. We also cannot really believe the witch, can we, how can we test the things she sells? She could very well sell us worthless stuff or fool us in some way, and what could we do to recoup the vis later on? Or if she returns to her Tribunal? Unfortunately, Scylax cannot communicate with her except through Ioannes, so that he probably can't Charm her properly. Also, guest Labs are not at all ready in Summer, right? Maybe could invite her to Meru Mudi, to further explore a trade, but that would be a problem. Plus, Meru Mudi is poor!

[tab][/tab] 1.1

[tab][/tab] Hmmm, hold on. I understand the drama of the situation but before that.... ''..a span of the Moon to pass''...that 28 days for a full rotation to 3-4 days for a phase of the moon to pass. Could you clarify what you mean please? :smiley:

[tab][/tab] 1.2

[tab][/tab] Posted a small monetary calculation for Aristocles, I hope I got it right :S. Need posts from Scylax and Ioannes.

[tab][/tab] 1.3

[tab][/tab] Sorry for the delay had to confirm a technicality and do some rolls. Posted the Town group part, not certain if the familiar can actually speak to Raven in a normal language. Waiting for Maia's answer to Pavo

[tab][/tab] 1.3b

[tab][/tab] No player posts yet to answer to.

[tab][/tab] Birds of a Flock

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Not sure how I would pick that up. Nicholas' and Kissa's excursions has probably come to an end. The dramatic encounter with the mist at the towers was at the end of the exploration, right? Will re-read your last post though.

Waiting for the Magi for the other threads.

Maia means a Diameter, as the Moon travels across the sky in the night. :slight_smile:

To be more precise, Nicholas needs a reaction from Pavo, Arni and or Aristocles.

Ok, with this we are blocked on Arni. Can someone make a decision in Ioke's name if the rooftop can host Arni and a falconer with his birds?

With more players joining it's also not super urgent I suppose.

[tab][/tab] Yes you can have the top of the rotunda. It will probably be split into three instead of being used as a whole laboratory (mews, pigeon coop and spare room?). This decision can easily be overturned by higher ups at any time :stuck_out_tongue:

[tab][/tab] Sent a PM, Maia is off till after Monday I think, will wait.

[tab][/tab] Answered Aristocles, waiting for others

[tab][/tab] Waiting for Raven and Aristocles to respond

[tab][/tab] Scylax and Miklos on one side, Alexios and guard on other ><

Did not receive that PM, though, she already responded to Miklos and the interruption to her sacrificial plan.

[tab][/tab] Eh, the PM was to Miklo's boss :stuck_out_tongue:

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1.2 Waiting for the other two to post something

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[tab][/tab] Em, I think Scylax is a bit confused. The regio opening is inside the cave not outside it. Why is he teleporting around, from where and to where? That 'narrow entrance' seems to be the cracks going outside. The rounded tunnel is further inside the cave. Are we clear? Piercing the Magic veil allows Scylax to see that Aura 1 is a cave wall, while Aura 3 (what Miklos saw) is the circular tunnel.

Ok, yes, was confused, thought the regio had been seen by Miklos when he squeezed/exited the cave and looked back towards the entrance. Scylax will approach the regio tunnel entrance, invisibly, then.

Mews, a (small) living room for me (as long as I am the only worker I probably live in the mews or have at least the door open), pigeon coop and spare room sounds good. That's what I am going to the builders with. When do they think they can start? When will they be finished?

Something related... How does it usually work with falconers, how does it usually work with covenfolk, should there be a contract?
I suppose I will be officially working for the covenant for two seasons a year, right? If I tame more birds in my personal time, will they be mine? To prevent conflict of interest, Nicholas will probably tame animals other than falcons and hawks, e.g. ravens, in that time.

[tab][/tab] On the building of stuff, every major thing built must pass trough the magi. They control the whole covenant. Currently there is one carpenter (who was busy with building a home for Raven and family) and a group of builders that Anastaj brought to build a workshop for Alexios. No idea what the endeavor will cost, how long and fast it will take to build the rooms. I'll deal with this when its time comes :stuck_out_tongue:
[tab][/tab] 'Officially' Nicholas works for the covenant, period. All the time. Its just that the game needs to separate the yearly time into seasons. Each companion needs to spend time equal to two seasons per year working to support him/herself, that that time is actually spent during the whole of year. For small to medium adventures, this gives the character much flexibility. It is for things that last more than a season that problems crop up. I doubt that there had legal contracts for 'workers' during the middle ages. You were hired, payed and fired by the word of the employer. Whatever you 'produce' with the resources of your 'employer' belongs to the 'employer', unless you hide something from him or you make an agreement for a specific number of produce....

Ok, so it will take more than a winter in temporary shelter. Anyway, Nicholas has time enough to wonder what he should do before he can start building up the mews when the winter, spring, summer,... passes by.

Got that already.

So what is covenfolk supposed to do in its spare time? If anything they produce belongs to the covenant...
I suppose raising and taming a raven in the property of the covenant counts as using the covenants resources...

Maybe Nicholas should get back to Dimitrios to get an agreement on that... Alternatively, as Kissa is anyway going to stay out of the covenant he could try to get an agreement with her :wink: Not sure she feels like helping to raise, tame and train a raven though.

Technically Nicholas could spend two seasons a year with "his own" birds, while tending for the mews the other two, right?

Technically, Nicholas does both at the same time >_<. The two seasons worth are left for projects and downtime and whatever the character wants or needs to be doing outside his duties.

1.1 No responses? Please choose what your characters are doing. I'll take control of the Knight. The Shield and Scout will react with what your characters are doing, the teamsters definitely run away towards the ford.

1.2 Nothing from Scylax or Ioannes :S Posted fro Aristocles

1.3 Posted

1.3b Posted

Sure. All happening in parallel. So he still needs an agreement that the "spare time birds" are his own... :wink:

I am not sure I want to go that direction. I mean... its possible but its a fuss for me. I leave it at 'spend 2 seasons each year making enough money to live in your life style' and be done with it, and assume your character is 'productive' for the covenant.

Not sure I get the point. I am not talking about Nicholas starting a "private" business in parallel to working for the covenant, if that is what you understood.
I was more talking about taming a small flock of ravens and maybe some other animals over time that Nicholas would treat more as friends or companions rather than property. And that's the important point to get settled, the covenant will also not be allowed to sell them or otherwise treat as property.

The 2 seasons making money for a living is spent for the covenant, correct?

As I said on text its the same thing ><


Sorry, I apparently don't get the point. The thing with tamed animals that do not belong to the covenant. Possible or not possible?

[tab][/tab] Sorry for taking so long to answer. You mean taming animals for your plans or schemes? Sure its possible. Again, rules-wise you 'owe' two seasons of work to the covenant, to support the character. What he does in the other two seasons is whatever you want him to do (train more animals in this case). In real time, all these are applied together (meaning those two seasons of work AND the extra things you go are sparced over one year time). this is different from magi, who have clear cut seasons of work.