OOC: Character Creation

My assumption was a certain amount of build points would get allocated for personal use. Like if someone wanted a +1 size lab. But with 0-300, 20 points for a +1 size lab is a lot. So we probably don't have much extra, if any.

It is of course possible to do that without bending the rules, but it seems odd to me. A new covenant cannot afford it, and an old covenant would not waste such luxuries on junior members. I find it particularly odd when it comes to vis, since vis sources are always described as covenant resources in all books, with the personal vis source virtue as the only exception I have ever seen.

I think it makes a better and more plausible story if the magi have to sort out individual peculiar wishes in a council meeting.

I quoted 40 per year because that gives 1 pawn per season for Personal Vis Source. I expect it may well be less than that but as stated almost certainly not more.

For reference as far as Companion Magical animals are concerned:

atlas-games.com/pdf_storage ... Virgil.pdf

Would the magi have the vis to actually create items? Any limitation here, other than the lab totals, I mean?

Since there is no rule bending I'm making a character straight out of the example templates.

Hang on. It's not like Reynard's design was fundamentally flawed. There are just some details to straighten out. I liked the switch to Greater Malediction: forced fox change. We'll have to make sure it's equivalent to a major flaw, to keep things fair. If you'd like, let's finish him up and move forward.

Please reconsider going down this path. My priority is that we collectively tell a story that we all enjoy playing out. Designing a character to demonstrate that the rules are broken is incompatible with that. As I said above, if you want to make Reynard work, we can. And I don't think it's necessary to bend rules to do so.

Assume your character receives 4 pawns of vis per year (one per season), between Gauntlet and the start of our saga.

For now, let's rate the Personal Vis Source at 3 pawns per year (so you'd get 7 per year between Gauntlet and saga start). I may adjust this (to a larger number), depending on where we wind up for the yearly vis income of the covenant.

I agree. Vis allocation will be sorted out in character, or at least spelled out in the charter that the magi will draft, and special lab features will have to be pursued in-game as well. You'll all start with basic labs and living quarters. Build points will be used for shared resources (which we can still discuss and agree upon). I will update the OOC: Character Creation post tomorrow with some more details on what characters will have at saga start.

Yes please.

I'd prefer to leave Redcaps as NPCs. But if you'd like to have your character be part of House Mercere and involved with the Redcap network, then you could play a Gifted Mercere...

I'll provide roll results, and will do so throughout (except when others are running the show, of course).

You're right, and the spells that IonianD listed point out the inconsistency too. Never mind about the requisites for Wizard's Escape and its variants, to take clothes along. Save the characters some embarrassment. I am also inclined to redraw my line as far away as saying that stuffed sacks and swords and staffs can also come along too. What does everyone think?

It always seems to be a house rule ( for and against) for every game. I would vote with RAW and say no magnitudes for clothing and armor, ect.

I agree on that too, no requisites so to make things less cluttered.
I will be posting a proposed draft of a companion for review by my peers. Magus will be later on, still have stuff that need answered before posting.

I agree. Generally, deviating from RAW creates more trouble than it solves. Especially, trouble in terms of game balance is very hard to anticipate before it is too late. In this particular case, it can be difficult to remember all the appropriate casting requisites.


FYI. I think Magnus is ready to go now, if I haven't made a mistake somewhere, that is.

Edoma is designed on the assumption that she be the sister of Reynard. The lycanthrope flaw will be adjusted to match whatever Reynard does, and if Reynard is not in play, she will need a complete redesign or she goes in the bin.

is it possible to delete the other thread, now labeled 'delete me'? I can repost Reynard and Marie.

i have all my characters saved, so it is no loss to remove or repost here.

I am hesitant though.

It really sucks I lost my RoP:M book. Or else I could double check the Tree people, Loamwalker, description. By the way I hadnt gone this route for him because I thought it would be something explored over game play. I think Lycanthrope for something like Fox is far more detrimental than a bear. Foxes are despisted and hunted, people run from bears. We are also not using RoP books (which is understandable it complicates a lot)

So, do we want to go the route of designing something particular with books we said we arent using... to make a shapechanger without any drawbacks because of "size". Adding a +1 is the easiest answer imo.

I've already spent time designing characters for other games so it's not a big deal to switch up (I grabbed a copy of Edoma as well).

I'm not playing one character because we aren't using RoP:M, again that's fine, but using it to modify another character... I just dont want to spend all the time designing something else that will get the all caps reddit response.

I'd rather play a character with no chance of conflict. An example character with example out of the book flaws.

Major Focus Flames, Restriction small boat, etc. Mad Irishman that can't get back to Hibernia because boats are unnatural abominations.

With the 10XP per season, can we split that between a couple of things or does it all have to go to one thing? I would like one of my seasons to be 8XP Creo + 2XP Corpus to get to whole numbers in my arts. This would give me Creo 11 and Corpus 12 rather than Creo 11(2) and Corpus 11(10).

I have always done that you can split. Call it adventure xp

Me too.

Think a mundane weasel can be bound as a familiar with Creo Ignem?

It would really be a Pine Marten, but would use a hybrid weasel/polecat stats. Polecats are size -5, so I'm guessing -3 or -4 for the Pine Marten.

A crow is another option.

I'm wondering what we are doing with arts and binding familiars. I doubt I can Quest for a Fire/Obsidian drake or Phoenix pre game.

If I bind a mundane animal, is there really a Magic they are more attuned to? Or would the Magic change them to fit?

I've just checked RoP:M (sucks about your copy being stolen) and for Ignem they suggest eagle, hercinia, salamander, scitalis, very small dragons. For creo it suggests beaver, eagle, lizard, pelican, weasel, any animal that can rejuvenate itself.

So to be perfect, you probably want an eagle or a lizard of some kind. Ask Emelric if he's happy for anyone using Creo to bind a weasel.

Eagle may be it, it's in both. Golden Eagle I think would be right.

I had a creo corpus specialist with a weasel familiar. One thing you have to consider is the extreme negative reputation of the weasel (given in RoP:M).

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