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Same here, only Diablo 3.

Sorry again been slower on posts than I want to be. I have some excuses, but they're really more excuses than valid reasons. I'll try and be more productive post-wise.

It was more of a thoughtful scowl really... :confused:

Aha :slight_smile: Well, she made her Folk Ken roll so I'll retcon my post to reflect that.

Well with Sinmore's size plus the gift it's easy for her to be misunderstood.

Sinmore would use Magic Lore to try and discern some info regarding the horse.

Can y'all get started on making some Companions? I'm thinking that after this chapter, we should give the magi some downtime, and let your monkeys handle things for a year or so.

I was overloaded for a week or so. I'm back checking things.


I'm not really sure what I would make for a companion, and who's it would be.

Companions don't belong to any magus, but should be autonomous.

You should give them some good reason to be affiliated with the covenant, whether by some attachment to any of the magi, or attachment to the covenfolk or other staff. Companions can also be characters who are established members of the covenant staff-- there's a huntsmaster who would make a good rangery type Companion, the scribe could be a scholarly type Companion, and for martial type Companions any of the following could be a Companion: Marcus the aged turb captain, his son Benjamin (grooming to be Marcus' replacement), or Alpha, the Tremere grog serjeant. But Companions can also be characters who are new to the covenant, so long as they have some reason to be loyal to the covenant. Redcaps are particularly appropriate Companions, for a covenant with an affiliated Mercer House, though I'd prefer no more than one PC Redcap because Stonehenge can't support more than six Redcaps.

I can't sleep so I am baking a pie.

Just wanted to share.


Any left?

I've made 15 cheescakes this holiday season. I might have to make one more...
waves to everyone Hello!

Marry me!

If I could make a cheesecake I would never leave the house. (Except to go buy cream cheese.)

My coworkers destroyed it. Someone kindly washed the pie plate for me, though :stuck_out_tongue:

And a +1 Merry Christmas to all!

Happy Holidays. Enjoy the festivities or savor the break (not an exor).

Happy Holidays :slight_smile:

Yay new year (well, soon enough).

Hello new people!

I hope 2012 is wonderful for everyone :slight_smile: