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Thank you for doing the chronology MT, its starting to come together more for me as well.

I think two levels works - the furbished temple, lab space + crones on one level, and the maze on the second level. Let's say that you either don't get the full +3 size bonus from being a regio until you sort out your gorgon problem or you take the "Lair" and "Labyrinth" flaws.

We would probably use "Isolated" instead. I'd expect I'd get Labyrinth even after sorting it out...maybe. But I forget what the effects of that one are.


Agreed - it seems likely to stick around unless it's not appropriate to a revised story (or you successfully knock it down or something, but I'd have to think about how well that would actually work).

The effects of Labyrinth are -1 Safety, -1 Health, -2 Aesthetics, +2 Mentem or Vim.

The effects of Lair are -1 Safety, +1 Warping, +1 on an appropriate Art Specialisation (I can see Muto, Terram or possibly Imaginem here, although willing to listen to arguments for other Arts).

Ugh, penalties to Safety and Health are the two things Viola does her best to avoid. Maybe the labyrinth is big enough to use the extra space to improve safety and health, or something like that. Or may she'll just need to change the story.


Could someone possibly enlighten me about this page of the barrow thread?


In the top post, there's a reference to a conversation about "these days" that I can't find on the previous page. Then, the next post quotes an earlier post that I can't find (even in other threads, such as "OOC Discussion". Did these come from PM's or something? If so, is there more material I'm missing.


I don't think it was a pm'ed conversation (I don't remember it being, and I can't think of much reason it would have been). The "these days" is just in reference to "These days the local people - Kipchaks - are tribal" in the quote in the second post. I suspect the board was just playing up - it has an occasional tendency to create posts you can only see when you try to quote them.

Huh? How could you try to quote a post without seeing it first? Or do you mean that you can't see it without clicking on the email notification for it, or something like that?

In any case, I didn't lose the thread of the story.


I think it shows up in the history when you're doing a new post. I think it was linked to that really annoying whereby the thread is highlighted as having a new post but you can't see one. It's been a while since I've run into the problem, though, so I might be misremembering.

Ah, yes, that might have been what happened--I don't remember that one, personally.


amul never officially bowed out, did he? I wonder if we could possibly lure him back.


It might be worth pm-ing him? At the least, you might manage to get what he'd planned for the barrows. It looks like he was last on the forums about a month ago, so he hasn't completely disappeared.

OK, I've created a new topic for the plumbing.

amul replied to my PM, and while he's not interesting in playing ArM right now (in any saga), he did give me enough information on the barrows to get me going--once I've read the last couple of pages of that thread.


Excellent - it'll be good to get a thread with Ironboundtome moving again.

I've just got the last two pages to read before we can restart, and I should be able to do that tonight.


Ah, OK. In any case, you can apply those retroactively if you like.

BTW, still nothing from ironboundtome, I see. I'll try sending him another PM.


Now that we've finished with the plumbing, are we about ready to declare a date the Still Caverns thread is happening on and start it moving again?

Given what Patrick said in the "Haunted Covenant" story, I would assume "Still Caverns" starts in Spring 1226. Of course, that creates the awkward problem that the plot should finish long before Patrick is out of the picture.

Realistically, it makes sense for "Plumbing" to have happened in Spring 1226, too, or at the latest in the summer of that year.


I think we need to have Still Caverns start after Fray arrives, so that means at some point after the Barrows thread, i.e. probably in 1228. We can say it's taken that long for the quarryers to get to be in a position to implement the cave draining idea.

Spring of 1226 sounds fine for the plumbing.

That is not in the House Rule section, and as Fray has that flaw I need to know more. Viola's custom virtues make the [Weird Magic] flaw far weaker than it normally is. It becomes trivial imho. I don't think that is the case for a Magus who casts regularly. Fray has cast spells many times in his threads, each with risk of botch.

I also have played that a botch is a botch, so while it is colourful, it is not an otherwise successful casting. That could be the key difference.

Can you give me more info (perhaps in another thread?) on how this applies in this saga?