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I am going to leave any romance plot lines to someone else (or handwave them off screen). I suppose I might manage something more politically motivated, but that may not be what you're looking for.

(Amusingly, I've had vaguely similar thoughts about getting Gregorius married and having children before a longevity ritual occasionally, although those have been mostly along the lines of either going to Translyvania for a rotation and coming back with a wife or making a political marriage locally).

I will have a think what to do with Calliope. Or possibly that Faerie Friend Viola theoretically has.

I don't suppose anyone else is feeling romantic, not that it has to be done immediately? If only there were Tinder for Magae....

The Faerie Friend is a good idea--we've put off designing him/her/it for too long. :slight_smile:


Now I'm wondering whether there are Redcaps out there playing matchmaker...Although, is Viola looking for a magus, mundane or not too fussed? And how far up does "doesn't bother her when she's focussing on something else" fall on the list of desired characteristics?

I seem to recall that the faerie friend arises from an initiation? (Animae Magic? I think that's the standard one with that flaw). Did the friend appear in the story, and if so what was it like there?

We never built out the faerie friend because we never could think of a good idea for him/her/it...so no, there's been no appearance. I think at one time I mooted the idea of a faerie shield grog, but there might have been another idea as well.

As for matchmaking...I'm not sure Viola would want another magus. But who knows?


Hmm...Thinking about it more, what if we made the fact that we don't know what this friend is like into an IC thing? Viola knows that she made friends with this faerie...but when she actually stops to think about it, she doesn't actually remember anything about him / her / it...

Rereading the Bright Ones write-up attached to Viola's character sheet - is their Animae Magic script where the Faerie Friend comes from?

Yeah, that could be an interesting idea.

Yes, it's the Animae Magic, so maybe it would have something to do with that? Here are the entries from her advancement log:

That's so vague I think about anything could work with it, but at any rate, since it's never come up, it could be retconned if necessary.


Right, I think I have an idea for how to integrate the faerie into an actual plotline now - new thread is up.

Did you spot that there's a post waiting for you in the Faerie Friend thread as well as the main Amazons one?