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IIRC, they were standard towers. Judging by page 105 of covenants, a standard tower provides living space separate from the lab, space for the stairs and the standard lab of 500 sq. Now, I did state that the design of the tower could be varied at casting, and was waiting for a finesse roll. It was then stated that he wasn't going to risk a botch for any variation. And then I said that the RAW requires a roll anyway. So, I'm still waiting for a finesse roll.

I was basing it on 30' diameter.

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I am, too, please see page 105 of Covenants.
If you have only one floor of a tower, then, you are limited in what you can do. If you have multiple floors, you can, by the Code only have one sanctum marker, so you have to pick what is your sanctum. The magi of the covenant can agree to allow multiple sancta markers, one for living space and one or laboratory, but it's not within the Code, but that really doesn't matter.

Thyra Finesse
_: 1D10+5 = [5]+5 = 10

I do not know which stat to use

There should be some pretty easy ways around that restriction. There's no requirement that your sanctum be designated as only a single level of a tower. Using reductio ad absurdum, you could easily put the sanctum marker over the entrance to the entire tower. Voila, all the space you could want for your sanctum, including living quarters and lab.

Admittedly, that a bit extreme and not terribly practical. So why not instead take the top two levels of the tower as your sanctum, slap your sanctum marker over the entrance to the stairway leading up and there you have two levels for your sanctum, one for your lab and one for your living quarters. Or if you want three levels (say a level for secure storage and your apprentice's quarters), take the top three levels of the tower for your sanctum, etc. Since you can design the interior levels as you want, you should easily be able to arrange for there to be multiple levels with only a single entrance.

Oh, and Thyra will need to make a Finesse check for Galan's tower as well.
Edited to delete some comments. I looked back at Covenants and HoH:TL and saw that while there is a restriction of only having one sanctum, there's no requirement that a sanctum only have a single entrance. Presumably a single sanctum marker on one entrance to the sanctum is enough to protect the sanctum, even if it has multiple entrances. At least that's how I understand things.[/size]

You can have multiple markers so long as they only indicate a single sanctum.
Putting the sanctum marker at the stairs leading up means you don't have a receiving area for other magi. Once in your sanctum a magus can do pretty much whatever he'd like to the visiting magus. There's nothing in the literature that prevents you from having multiple markers for a single space, only multiple markers for multiple places. If it's a contiguous space, with 5 markers at various entry points, I'm sure that would be fine.

Again, look at page 105 in covenants, there's areas the stairs, parlor, then the sanctum marker which marks off a sleeping area, separate from the lab, and the lab itself. Putting the sanctum marker at the stairs, requiring people to keep going up is practicable, nor is it on the steps, which would claim anything above that point.

I was thinking something along these lines (assume a six-level tower for the sake of argument):

Level One: Includes the entrance and storage rooms. A first stairway leads up from here and goes to level four.
Level Two: Includes servant's quarters. Has the first stairway passing through it.
Level Three: Includes guest rooms. Has the first stairway passing through it.
Level Four: Includes the top of the first stairway and the bottom of the second stairway. The first stairway leads to the receiving room for other magi, which has a door with a sanctum marker on it. Through that door is a room for the magus' apprentice and the second stairway.
Level Five: Made up of the magus' lab. Has the second stairway passing through it.
Level Six: Made up of the magus' living quarters. Has the top of the second stairway.

Levels one through three and half of level four would be outside the sanctum. The magus' sanctum would be made up of levels five and six and half of level four. It would look something like this:

This seems to me just one of many ways of designing a tower with a single, multi-level, contiguous sanctum.

Is there any reason this wouldn't work? I'm not aware of any requirement that says that a sanctum has to be a single level. Presumably a contiguous, multi-level sanctum would be allowable. Am I wrong in that assumption?

Thyra just needs a standard tower. Her sanctum marker is on the outside of the tower.

See problem indicates above.

Being that CtMT makes a 80' x30' tower with a basement, i assume that it has multiple levels. Not sure why many people would want 70' ceilings. The description on pg 103 of Covenants describes a 3 level tower with storage in the basement. With three levels, the sanctum maker can be on the stairs to the 2nd level.

Since it's for my tower and jebrick hasn't had the chance, I figured I'd roll Thyra's Finesse check for Galan's tower. Typically a Creo spell uses Int + Finesse, so that's what I rolled:

1d10 + 2 (Int) + 3 (Finesse) + 1 (Terram specializiation) = 1d10+6
Finesse Check: 1D10+6 = [7]+6 = 13

She also has precise mastery on that spell so 14 total.

Thanks. I missed that.

Likely, no magus would visit Thyra at her tower, since that would mean going inside her sanctum. Even if they were invited, they might not wish to do so. But she could always meet with other magi in the manor house or somewhere else.

On the other hand, if you think about it, it's not like the rule of law has much hold on our covenant. If one magus attacks another within his sanctum, the only ruling body who could take action if the covenant's council. No one's going to run to the Quaesitores. Let's face it, we are a "covenant" outside of the Order. The sanctum marker is there out of habit, as a courtesy to other magi and to let them know what we consider to be our private place.

If Thyra wants to put her sanctum marker on the outside door of her tower, she can certainly do so. It just means that she is telling everyone that she doesn't want any visitor in her tower. And if she eventually realizes that this is too constraining, nothing prevents her from moving it to the stairs, or entrance to her lab, or wherever she wants to.

But again, this is more of an advisory sign and warning than something that is really binding at this point. The "rule of law" only goes so far as it can be enforced. With the Order in shambles, that and a silver penny can get you a cup of milk, in all likelihoods.

Good point.

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