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Mine too is 3 year old soon ^^

I remember those years, though my own have advanced to 10 and 12.

"Bump" on both active stories?

I will be unavailable until next Monday. Travelling for a long weekend. :slight_smile:

I'll be on holidays from 18 to 25 of July, not sure if I'll have internet there.

I'm back at work, so I will be able to post more regularly. :slight_smile:

I'm about to close the Summer 1208 season, so let's summarize what is happening off-story.

Aura at the chapter house is 2, so Renatus would have enough of a lab total to learn a level 5 spell in addition to Clothe the Naked Form. Considering that he visited the covenant library at the beginning of the season, then he would have been able to borrow a lab text for Conjure the Sturdy Vine if he wants to learn it at the same time.

With the aura of 2 at the chapter house, Konrad's lab total in CrVi would be 22, so he will be extracting 3 pawns of Vim.


I'll do this, thanks

For those doing lab work, please specify where the exposure xp for the season will be going. :slight_smile:

Can i choose "Area Lore : Roman germanic Empire (rivers) 1" from the trip to the main covenant ? Else I'll take magic theory.

Yes, although if you want to add additional xp to that Area Lore in the future, Renatus will have to go somewhere other than Fengheld.

I thought I'd pass along this (posted in another saga's forum)...

So don't be surprised if Trogdor isn't posting much right now. (Sending positive thoughts.)

Indeed all the best, don't worry about us.

Seasonal activities for the magi during Fall 1208 please. :slight_smile:

I'm doing some massive work in my house (concrete and stuff), will post fewer this week.

It will give the others some time to catch up. :wink:

I'll study a book we brought with us, can you remind us what's available ?

The content of the chapter house's library is listed here. I've added the quality of the Rego summa, since one of the magi have studied it. The level is still unknown, as none of the magi have reached a point where they can determine it with certainty.

I'll read the primer on intelligo then

Ludovicus will harvest the vis source, taking 8 xp in Low German.