Opening the Intangible Tunnel

Now, suppose someone knows this spell at level 15, and knows Maintaining the Demanding Spell at L15 and knows the Call to Slumber.

Suppose there is this annoying monk who has been fussing at the covenant, who is supposed to be supervising the gathering of the taxes since the monastery is the owner of the property where the covenant is situated, and he is being a pain, complaining about hiring Jews to be architects and that we don't have a local parish priest (which is hardly our fault, we can't make the bishop appoint someone). So, he has been staying at the covenant and had had his tonsure applied, so we have an arcane connection.

So, he goes back to the monastery, and purely because we don’t like him, we cast Opening the Intangible Tunnel, Maintaining the Demanding Spell and then The Call to Slumber when he is supposed to be in prayers. Maybe having some imperfections of his own will give him some sympathy for those of others. Lets suppose the covenant has a magic aura of 5 and the monastery chapel has a divine aura of 5. Which spells have which auras applied to them?

I'm not sure what the answer is, and I don't feel like thinking about it right now, but the question did remind me of the reading comprehension portion of the SAT's LOL

A spell is affected by the aura of the place where the caster resides at the time of the casting, not the aura(s) where the target(s) may reside (in case of long range spells). So all three spells are affected by the magic aura of the covenant.

All three spells are affected by the magic aura of the covenant (presumably that's where you are when you cast them?).

If the monk has any magic resistance, it will be modified by the Aura he's in (aided if it's Divine, hindered if it's otherwise).

Now what I'm curious about is why he's complaining about the jew - i thought the church protected jews from the population at this time?

Well, protecting the Jews in principle and actually interacting with them are two very different things. I think a lot characters in Mythic Europe would have the attitude that Jews are all right as long as they keep to themselves. Actually hiring a Jew as an architect on monastic lands? "Scandalous! Scandalous, I say! That job should go to a hard-working Christian!" :wink:

Well, the monks actual complaints fall pretty close to what was said during the Fourth Latern Council, that Jews were not supposed to be put in authority over Christians. My mage and companion feels that since we have Christian foremen, no Jews are actually in charge of Christians, but I could see it being argued either way. The monk can hardly be blamed if the covenant does something improper trying to fix the situation. Some of the other players said things like “Oh, it should be easy enough to convince them to be baptized” and he just went “Oh, that would be good.”

Now the Beta Storyguide who is running this section is not all that good with the theological background, though he is trying very hard. When the monk was talking about one of the characters and it was mentioned that he had a problem with pride, the monk said “Oh, well, pride, that is not so bad, at least it wasn’t an important sin.” So, maybe the monk is acting this way because the Beta Storyguide isn’t hewing all that closely to actual medieval Europe. On the other hand, the monks actual complaints are pretty close to what a reasonable person could expect an unreasonable monk to say.

Not that my character know Opening the Intangible Tunnel or Maintaining the Demanding Spell, and it would take a season each to invent them. I was just curious regarding how people thought the realm penalties/bonuses worked.

Or you could help the SG make the monk a hypocrit that doesnt really have much of a clue about his own religion but still admonishes others for their failings towards it(or what he THINKS are failings).


I agree with DW75 :slight_smile: Sounds like he does not have a Theology score and just babbles nonsense in those things. maybe he even has a minor demon of pride taking an interest in him. 8)

In older editions the aura where the target was staying was important, but right now it is not. if you want to make your job somewhat more difficult, you can apply the aura malus as a Magic resistance value for the dude (divine aura 5 would be MR 15). But that is not RAW.

Nice pain in the ass, BTW :slight_smile: Makes for a good story. I might steal this guy for my saga


Oh thats a nice addition.

I was thinking the same... :mrgreen:

Well, we played last Saturday, and if I was a minor demon of pride, I would surely switch from the self righteous monk to the monk who was trying to kill the abbot and frame our covenant to take the fall. (That way, murderous monk could both become abbot and return to his direct control the covenant grounds, which were obviously worth more than the taxes that had been agreed to.) Killing a goat and putting the head in our chapel, putting leather wicks into the candles so they would all fail to burn during the saint day celebration, dumping a dead body in the wine that was being served the abbot, putting “demonic”* coins into each person rooms when we visited the monastery to prove that the candles had been sabotaged, these all seem like something that demons might be more interested in pushing forward. However, as far as we can tell, no demons involved, since the attempts to frame us were (according to the party member with Infernal Lore) not right.

While the party saved the abbot, we blew our cover, so now the abbot and self righteous monk know we have wizards at the covenant. My companion character, the two wizards with the gentle gift and the injured grog will stay at the abbey until a final decision is made, and they will have full access to the monastery library while there. My companion will make an effort to read up on Civil and Canon Law. That way, the next time self righteous monk goes beyond the legalities, I can argue the point on its merits.

*The coins were first described as upside down crosses. When I asked “They gave us coins with symbols of St Peter?” they were switched to pentagrams.

Out of curiosity: How did you determine that the cross was upside down, and not the coin?

I thought about that too. The coins must have had some other symbol or some text to indicate which was the right way up. Same goes for the pentagram as well, IIRC it must have one point pointing down.

PS I agree with the Intangible Tunnel part, the caster uses his own Aura. The target may have his resistance modified for the aura at his end.

My first thought was "Upside down cross is St Peter", and only later asked "Hey, how do I know it is upside down anyway" , and the group agreed that it could have been planted in the ground, so there was a reference for up and down. However, since we had already changed it to a pentagram, it didn't matter.

so now it was inscribed with the symbol of a christian praying, feet on the ground, arms to the sides and head/face towards the Heavens?