Opening the Intangible Tunnel

I disagree with this. The small thing is a sympathetic connection to the other, there is no causal relationship between the two except the sympathetic connection. Affecting the twig does but affect the tree.
However it allows a connexion to be established to the tree.
The difference is fundamental in why I think your suggested guideline is against the RAW enough to be disallowed. That said, I'm a furious advicaye for your saga your rules; so anything is ok really.
Cheers IBT

Good call, Ezechiel357. I hadn't thought of that. Huh. Shrinking is not a viable tactic after all. So this is not a flight of fancy, but a real need. Not where I was going with this, but now that I have seen it, It cannot be unseen. Dang.

temporarily shrinking an item does not reduce the amount of vis it can hold. Vis limits is based upon essential nature, not it's temporary form. For example magic items do not ooze vis when shrunk in size!

I do not have any rules to support this, but I also do not recall anything that would imply a magical size change affect vis limits.

Can't agree. Size is a part of Enchantment. And Enchantment is about adding Magic to an item. If you use Magic to say that an Item is that size, you can't turn around and say that the item is "really" other size when it comes to Magic. Pick one. You might be able to get away with it if you were mixing two realms. Your argument might make sense if a Divine Magus were Enchanting an Item shrunk by a Magus so it would fit in the lab. The Divine deals with Essential Nature, with The Truth, and would look past the "lie" that the item was smaller? Maybe.

I do pick one. The one I pick is the real size, not what it looks like when under a MuTe spell that ends at sundown. A spell that alters the size of an object does not actually change the item in a mystical sense. You could not, for example, reduce the size of something by eight, then use that smaller base size to reduce it again by casting the same spell. It's actual size is the original base size, even if currently under shrinking magic.

Not an accurate analogy. Instead, cast a spell to reduce the size of something by eight. Thanks to the inverse cube law, you have massively reduced the weight/mass. Previously, it was too heavy to teleport. Now is not. Which weight does the Teleport spell use? I think it's obvious, for purposes of Magic, the "new" weight is used.

Material in MoH might be relevant. Gwydion's section has effects to deal with keeping plants from increasing in Size to prevent enchantments from being destroyed - also, I think there's a mention of enchanting them while small and portable and then growing them rapidly via magic once they are in place. Also, Julia's section has an enchanted loom that can be shrunk for portability.

I'd be inclined to allow multiple solutions for the Size issue myself, with each method having its own advantages and disadvantages. Taking a ship as the example, you could have a drydock sized lab. You could enchant an item that affects a ship with its powers. You could use Hermetic Architecture and go the "smaller multiple items grafted into a larger whole" route. You could enchant a model of a ship with powers that include a growth effect. I'd even consider allowing a "shipyard in a bottle" sort of thing, where the Size enchantments are on the "bottle" and not what's being put in it, if the explanation of how it works was good enough.

As to the concept of using an IT effect to enchant an item remotely, I think allowing it could cause problems. Botches/experimentation could be scarier, since you'd be arcanely connected to the item. Also, it could open up a whole can of worms regarding things like AC range lab assistance, AC range sabotage/experimentation or even some demented Verditius using AC range enchantment to sneak Himnis' Curses into items remotely.

Oh, yes, Jason72. Any sort of variant of "Opening the Intangible Tunnel" keeps the biggest problem, the fact it's a two way street. Someone at the "Site" has open access to your most private space, your Lab. And you get no Aegis protection, no circle lab protection (I'm hard pressed to think of any kind of lab protection, honestly). You are 100% exposed, with only your Parma to act as protection, and you are probably a Verditius, whoops...... Yeah, doing something like this is a story for the whole Covenant, as opposed to the normal lab rat stories. The site has to be secured, or trying this is an act of madness. So everyone has a part to play, the Companions and Grogs, and maybe a mage or two at the site, as well as the mage working in the lab.

Something else to look at, "Mental Contruct", from Covenants, P. 120. "The Entire Lab (or a significant portion thereof) is all within the mind of the Magus, created by a powerful Creo Mentem Ritual spell perhaps.". "Without sophisticated magic, the magus cannot use the lab to bond with a familiar, enchant items, or Longevity Rituals, or teach.".

So, you can enchant items with an imaginary lab. Pretty sure that I can change the perspective of my real lab easier then I can turn something imaginary, move it into my imaginary lab, enchant it, and then make it real (but enchanted!) again. So, what would the "Sophisticated Magic" look like?