Opinions on Spiritual Pacts and theMight of Granting Spirits

Because a Spirit Votary's can only use powers possessed by her patron spirit and because her potential Might pool is limited by the spirit's Might score, the power level of a Spirit Votary is closely tied to the power level of her patron spirit.

Therefore, I was wondering what type of Spirits people think are likely to empower people as Spirit Votaries (as opposed to merely granting the Spiritual Pact virtue) and what their Might range would be.

My own feeling is that 20 to 40 Might would be about right, but I'd like to hear what other people think.

I agree. For PCs equivalent to starting magi, I would suggest 20. I imagine that a Spirit Votary would spend a fair bit of time working to increase the Might and powers of her patron through the advancement mechanics.