optional melee weapons/rules.

SPINNING WEAPONS, those involving lengths of chain or cord such as nunchakus, heavy chains, or morningstars. Can be spun for one or more shots to increase damage a like amount, with a maximum of double the weapon's base damage. For example, nunchakus could be spun for +2 shots for STR+4 damage.
HEAVY WEAPONS such as mauls and great axes need at least 6 STR to use, require both hands, and do STR+5 damage (1 wreck to unarmored vehicles). There is normally a -1 AV penalty to attack, but characters with 11+ STR don't have this penalty. Supernatural critters/abominations with 8+ STR, if described as 9' tall or so, could use such weapons 1 handed.

Nice. Especially like the Spinning Weapons dichotomy - do I hit him now, or wait a bit and do more damage? Especially good given the extensive selection of Chinese and Japanese chain-derived weapons ...

The 'Heavy Weapons' rule is pretty much what I applied recently in building a Big Bruiser who specializes in chainsaw fighting, actually.... The PCs are gonna ~plotz~ when they see him... (He also has a pair of chrome-handled mini-chainsaws that he wields with Both Guns Blazing [okay, Both Saws Buzzing]).