Order of the spoon

This thread is to track the progression of the remainder of the group which obtained the wooden spoon as a potential cathach.
When they figure out the spoons activation it brings to it wielder a chest to which it has an arcane connection, and similarly send the chest away to some location to which it ha a similar arcane connection. The chest it brings has a variety of materials useful for camping and over land survival, including preserved foods such as hard cheese and smoked meat. the lid of the chest also contains 20 other spoons of identical manufacture labeled with obscure markings (treat as being simply labeled 1-20).

Okay, sorry I took very long to respond but I think I finally have some idea of where I want to take the character from here on out. Right away, the 10 adventure exp I'll invest into Hearbeast to bring it to 2. The very last season before gauntlet I think I'll spend it studying at a covenant, probably the southern Mercere house if they have any good books on Muto. Other options to look into might be Qui Sonant since that's close to the spoon and he's definitely going to be interested in keeping an eye on it from time to time. Since the payment for using the library will probably be in vis, and considering the covenant founding ambitions, I think the middle two seasons will be best spent looking for some sort of vis source to settle close by, might even involve examining the cavern.

[cool thing about adventure xp is it can be used for lots of things, the negative is you’re limited to putting no more than 5xp in one place, unless the SG ays otherwise for a very particular reason. Silveroak did when a season spent exploring turned into an adventure so in the area lore I was practicing could put up to the seasonal quality I would have gotten for that area lore but everything else was capped at 5xp.]

[Ah, thanks for the heads up, probably gonna have to rethink it a bit, hahah]