Original Research Idea - Opinions Wanted

Those weren't living beings, they were muppets! Or are you suggesting that muppets are magical animals? Ooohhh...

Hey, we've all been there. 8)

Hmmm if you've ever spent much time in the UK you'd might come to appreciate that there are indeed many living beings who qualify as muppets :wink:

Actually i wanted to reference the way their lifeforce was sucked out of those muppets in the film. Thats what I think life vis "donation" would look like.

And of course, yes, muppets ARE magical beings 8)

hmmm... I wouldve thought they would qualify more as Fae Beings.

Hey, if Jacques Cousteau can trace his lineage back to Bonisagus himself, why can't the muppets be magical. (I bet they are a side branch from the Bjornjaers since the minor schism war of 1976)

That would explain a lot of the stuff folk say they saw in the 70's!