Original Research

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I´m a beta-SG in a new saga we recently started. The alpha-SG plays a Bonisagus lab rat that is interested in Original Research. He specializes in Muto and Vim. He also has the Flexible Formulaic Magic-Virtue.

When it comes to the Original Research I have some thoughts about what he will research. My first idea is for him to try to incorporate the Flexible Formulaic Virtue into standard hermetic theory. It would be suitable to have it become a choice of Spell Mastery. Either as one-for-all; Flexible Magic or one for each; Flexible Range, Flexible Duration, etc.
My plan is to treat this option as a Major Breakthrough, perhaps with some bonus (unknown to the player) because of his virtue.

The second is to try to change the Art to which raw VIS is attuned. This is of course a Hermetic Breakthrough. Here are two alternatives after the discovery. One is to have the process being a lab activity where you can change an amount of VIS equal to your Magic Theory x2. The other alternative is to make a spell(ritual) with perhaps Base 15. This won´t be time consuming but will instead cost VIS.

Ideas, suggestions?

Gratefully Kri

It's not entirely clear from your post whether you were asking about the appropriateness of your own Original Research ideas or requesting additional suggestions for the character's potential Breakthroughs.

For the former, the ability to teach 'Flexible Formulaic Magic' is a possible result of Integrating Gruagach magic with Hermetic theory. The book recommends introducing it as a new type of Spell Mastery ability or as a teachable Arcane Ability. Obviously the number of Breakthrough points required would have to be contingent upon the extent to which the character improves Bonisagus' theory, but I would agree that a Minor or perhaps Major Breakthrough would be appropriate.

The suggestion of the ability of change the form of Vis is similar, but not identical to, the consequences of Integrating Grigori magic and would definitely qualify as a Hermetic Breakthrough (the best kind for story purposes, IMO).

As for other potential breakthroughs that are potentially achieveable via Muto/Vim, I'm not really sure. Perhaps an improved version of Wizard's Communion could be achieved?

I like the idea of making the result be separate Flexible (X) masteries. It seems more in line with the power levels of the other masteries.

Sorry it took so long to respond. My computer crashed.

My main question was if my suggestions were balanced and fit into the Ars Magica world.

Also if the research points I suggested were appropiate according to the rules. I am unsure how to implement the alteration of Vis. Which alternative of having it as a Lab activity (time consuming) or as a Ritual (Vis consuming) fits best?

Thankfully Kri

Isn't modifying Vis a part of TMRE's Hermetic Alchemy? (Along with the ability to mine vis while you do other things)? I'll need to check my books at home. I honestly don't recall what it's listed as in there. (Either something you do while you mine it over the course of a season, or a ritual that takes 1/2 the vis you have, or something like that.)

Hermetic Alchemy can allow you to extract vis other than Vim from the aura. It's at half the rate you'd get Vim vis, plus potential adjustments for Form requisites. I don't believe there's anything about conversion from one Form to another.

Again, in the Grigori chapter of 'Ancient Magic' there were three suggested ways of integrating the breakthrough - minor, major, and hermetic respectively.

The first, was a series of Muto/Vim spells that could be just prior to a ritual spell would allow the caster to change the Form of the vis being employed in said ritual.
The second is a teachable virtue that allows the researcher to develop a teachable Virtue that lets the possessor use certain forms of Vis (1 Technique and 2 Forms) as if they were interchangeable.
The third simply allows the magus to use any sort of Vis in rituals and enchantments regardless of the Form.

It has been awhile since I read the Integration rules, but IIRC they're designed so that the magus can unlock each of these abilities in order as he acquires enough Integration points. Something I'm not entirely sure is supported via the Original Research rules, but at the very least they ought to provide useful guidelines in designing your player's own breakthroughs....

PS. Sorry, I misread :blush: Anyway, yes, I think your suggested methods of overcoming the 'Limit of Vis' are thematically appropriate and not overpowered in comparison to the aforementioned semi-canonical methods of circumventing that particular Limit fof Magic.