Other time asking for help!

I am preparing one party for this hollydays for my friends and i need acclarations.
A InVi for a type of aura for worked of this manner?
Counting the the Rosary
Rang: Touch Duration: Momentary Target: Individual
Thouching a rosary the beads take a differnt color meaning the months for a change in the strenght of the Local Dominion. Base 2, +1 Touch.
Would this spell work?
Auras would be a Major o minor Focus?
And some more, but i don't remember now.

Sorry - "acclarations"? I'm afraid that's not a word in English (or even close in this context). "Clarifications", maybe? "Declarations" (of opinion)?

(There is one word, "acclamation", but that means "praise")

Base 2 of what TeFo combination?

Changing color would involved MuIm. Identifying the strength of an Aura would be InVi, ~if~ your SG allows InVi on Dominion effects (see InVi Guidelines, p. 158, par iii).

(And where do "months" fit in to counting beads or aura strength?) :confused:

In my opinion, Auras would be a minor focus. They are much, much smaller than the Art of Vim, and significantly smaller than InVi, since that is about all you can do with an aura.

First sorry for dons say clarification about rules.
Yes, i forgot say InVi, but in the same systems, the bad things about cybercafes, the expensive time.
Yes, since some Intellego spells are based in some could see things in symbolic ways, like Frosty Breath of the spoken lie, the Touch of the Pearls, or the more stranges Whispers trhough the black gate or the Enchantment of the scrying Pool. By that examples i thougt about that spell characteristics. And my doubt is if with level 2 you can discern de strenght or power of a Mystical aura, the same level were required for other question about the same matter, or fi should be more complicated.

Some Intellego spells indeed have cosmetic effects for free. Generally, a cosmetic effect cannot change the spell's effect. In this case, spell without the cosmetic effect allows only the caster to know the information, while the cosmetic effect allows others to see it directly. So it changes the spells' effect, and in principle requires a MuIm effect that is part of the spell. In practice, your storyguide can decide to treat this as a cosmetic effect and not require MuIm. I would personally do that, if I were your storyguide - but it's totally up to him.

It is also up to the storyguide to decide on any further InVi effects that fit within level 2, beyond those mentioned in the guidelines. Receiving information on what times of year the aura is strongest or weakest in, or its age, or so on - are all possibilities. It's up to your storyguide to decide how powerful the base level for such information is.

The good thing, my paty is a groupe mod party and i am the principal and who konw more about the game, who make the decissions, without tan i want that the most times.
Other question, one martner have the atlantean magic, then the level 3 guidline work for locate objects or things inside the Mass water target or with the waterway range? Or for see need imaginem?