Out of curiosity...

How many here are...?

  • History
  • Anthropology (specify discipline in post!)
  • Archaeology speciality (or seperate Major in Canada/Europe)
  • Engineering (specify!)
  • Other

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...what do y'all do?

I'm an anthropology (archaeology) major myself.

You left out Other or None of the Above. :slight_smile:

That's funny, I thought I put other in there.

There, fixed. Forgot to hit 'Add Option' when I typed Other in!
Other will count for none-of-the-above, silly. ;D It includes unemployed!

I'm an ethology graduate student... has to do with psychology/biology, so I'd take the 'Other' option

I'm not sure how the poll function works. I can't see where to input into the poll itself.....

that being said, I live in Los Angeles, and work in the animation industry in production. I currently work on "The Family Guy."

In college (15 years ago) I studied acting and english literature.

Have a good one,

AHA! After I sent the message, the "vote" funtion popped up.

(grunts) "Grog understand how me vote now!" (swigs ale and grins.)


A grog drinking grog, will wonders never cease?

You know you can edit posts? ;D

(If anyone is wondering why I posted those choices, I figured they were the most relevant to the game. ;D Aside from those already in the RPG industry.)

I'm a high school teacher travelling all around the world with a circus.

And i would be the typical curmudeonly , overweight , unemployed middle-aged gamer who finished high school 30 years ago.

An actual Real Life Trade Journeyman here. I'm a Metalcaster... I make a pattern, from which I make a mold, into which I pour metal, wait for it to cool, break the mold, cut off the sprue and gating, clean it up, and check to see if it's a good casting, which then ships to the customer. I have a pretty impressive collection of Paperweights, Trivets, and Knick-Knacks cast in a variety of metals (including a bell!)

Yes, I'm one of the few people who've survived an actual apprenticeship. :slight_smile: Also, I have 3 AS degrees as well (Information Tech., Electrical Engineering, and Material Science).


Engineering / Computer science

I am an Engineer and Computer Scientist.

Working towards a PhD in physics. (Well, technically chemistry.)

Damn, that's old school.

The classic Jack of Trades...

Educated as a nurse, went Chef's aprentice for three out of four years and then the chef I was aprenticed under moved away and I went into unemployment and tried my hand at just about every job I could get, Including a tech support job at Microsoft, a VERY short stint as a bouncer (3 evenings I kid ye not) and going back to university for four years to study Comp-Sci.

Today I work as a private nurse.

Economics and political science. So nope, none of the above. History is a hobby of mine, but I don't have formal education in the field.


Engineering/computer magic...

(whenever it works, it's magic...)

As of this moment , there are 2006 list members.
Quite a few of these are actual live spammers , not just spambots.
But i suspect you won't even get a hundred replies to your poll.

Shame spammer and spam-bot wasn't listed....

So as not to be confused with a spammer... I guess I should delurk and respond. :open_mouth:

I'm finishing a chemistry Ph.D. in physical chemistry-spectroscopy, so I chose other.

Back to lurking :wink: