Own Form & Shape Bonuses

Hi, i was thinking about if to hel Hedge Alchemy users and ancient, hedge or ex Miscellanea traditions (or Cults), we could summarize differents and possible Shape & Form Bonus:
Carob seed - +4 to measure precious metals, +3 Intellego Terram, +1 Intellego
Erba stella - +3 to treatment of flematic ills
Boar's Tusks - +3 Perdo Vim
Some ideas or own investigation fruits?


I give another one:
cross +6 Mentem effects in harmony with the Ten Commandments and the Christian morals

Because i've searched and the carat word, very used one some crafts is from the carob taht was used like meazures by the Greeks because they were exactlly. teh erba stella was used one herbalism and medicine like one ingredient to the treatments of flematic ills or with some syntomes near to the humidity. The boar tusk was one ingredient to one folk charm against Evil eye relative to the Unicorn horn.
Maybe i'ld limit to +2 (except by Hedge Alchemy specialists) your add.

I think specific effects must have higher bonus than broad effects. Thus I would raise your bonuses by one. At least. Basalt gives +3 perdo so why using Boar's Tusks for a PeVi +3?

About mine, walnut gives +4 bonus affecting mind, so a limited effect must have greater bonus like the other s&m bonuses of cross.

True, but maybe must be one special Cross or more like Catechism symbols to do that.
I thought taht the mines were ajusted too, maybe i was too generous.