Pain and Fatigue and Lab work

As soon as a Magus is wounded, they start losing productivity, at only -3 (1 medium wound or 3 Light) any lab work of any kind is impossible. And at only -1 or -2 (Wound Penalties, not Fatigue), spell casting is impossible if it involves Fatigue. That's pretty tough, but I don't disagree with it. My questions is will magic workarounds allow a wounded wizard the ability to continue despite their injuries?

Also, if the magus has a magical Recovery bonus on and an effect to negate pain (so he continues doing his normal work) how does that effect his healing? One suggestion I have for such an occurence is that the magus can ONLY benefit from magical healing while immune to pain and active (normal medicine would get foiled by the activity), and that the magic Recovery bonus is reduced by half the Wound total of the recipient.

To remove penalties from Wounds and Fatigue is Rego Corpus level 10. So if a magus had that effect on him the entire season, could he then still make it a productive season or still cast more difficult spells? My opinion is yes, though there is a cost. I also feel that a wound immediately received in a fight doesn't stop a spellcaster from casting spells (though the penalties apply of course), due to adrenaline and more importantly, drama. Here are some magic items that might be used for the 'walking wounded' magus.

The Stalwart's Ring (the base ring with no additional options)

When the ring is donned it makes the user immune to the effects of both pain and fatigue. The effects are constant from Sun to Sun with two uses per day. While the user might not feel pain or weariness, he still must sleep, and the ring prevents sleep. If a wearer's wound penalties equal -15, Incapacitated or Dead, he simply drops and must recover from the wounds as normal or...not. If he takes an Unconscious level of Fatigue he also drops. Every day that the ring is worn without removal the wearer gains a Long term Fatigue level, and the wearer will drop as usual if he accumulates too much. Prolonged lack of sleep should cause the Flaw Icomprehensible, and give appropriate Personality traits (grumpy, wired, paranoid). Other side effects include lack of tactile sensations, causing a -2 Dexterity penalty on any activities that require athleticism, fine manipulation, or a sense of touch. Prolonged loss of tactile sensation should cause the Flaw Clumsy and possibly give a Reckless or Numb personality trait. This lack of sensation also causes an extra 2 botch dice in the lab or when casting spells. Note this does not work constantly, to avoid having to add Penetration to the effect the wizard will typically activate it (by taking it off and putting it back on) before raising their Parma, the return of their pain and weariness will definitely remind them. A 'combat' ready ring might add 14 levels for Penetration for a total of 28 so that it can be used when wounded in a fight without having to lower one's Parma. This would require a different 'hands-free' activation, such as a spoken word. You could even add a linked trigger, such as when receiving a Light wound or higher. Other variations might include healing or Recovery effects. Finally there is a possibility of being Warped by the effect if worn long enough.

ReCo 25
Base 10 R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2, T: Ind. 0, 2 times a day +1
Lab Total 26

The Ring of Stephen the Sulfurus

Named after the Hoplite Stephen the sulfurus of House Flambeau in his crusade against the Diedne, he wore this ring to keep his powers at their peak even when in the midst of battle while wounded and exhausted beyond what any normal man could endure. It proved to be his undoing though when a Diedne Grog used a simple poisoned dart that he couldn't feel penetrate his skin and so he took no precautions against the slow acting venom. The ring is activated by the word 'Persevere!'.

ReCo 25
Base 10 R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2 T: Ind. 0, 2 Times a day +1, Penetration levels 14
Lab Total 40

Ring of Pained Revelations

Designed by the mad Criamon Saden der Bleich, this ring was used on himself as well his tortured apprentices. Saden believed that pain was a path to the Enigma, and often engaged in self-flaggelation and whipping of his apprentices while being exposed to magic that would cause Twilight. After the experiences, the magi would need time to recover, reflect, and study the results. The ring incorporates two effects, one to ignore the pain and allow productive lab work, and the other to provide a significant Recovery bonus.

ReCo 25
Base 10 R: Touch +1 D: Sun +2 T: Ind. 0 2 Times a day +1
Lab Total 26

CrCo Provide +18 Recovery bonus
Base 15 R: Touch +1 D: Sub +2 T: Ind. 0 2 Times a day +1
Lab Total 31
This effect provides a constant healing Recovery aura to the wearer, which must be activated at Sun every day to reapply the effect (done before raising the Parm ritual).

Optional If lab or slightly strenuous activity is done during this time the Recovery bonus is reduced by half of the Wound total the wearer has.

I would say yes, but in this case I would apply the negative effects of the Addled Laboratory Routine (as in Covenants). Instead of the usual Lab Total bonus from that routine, you may do lab work when otherwise you couldn't. There is also a similar spell in Covenants, "Resolute Mind of the Tireless Researcher," which assists with fatigue (lowercase "f") and invokes that routine.

That works pretty well, plus there's a system in place for it. If they were to go without rest and use the effects to ignore fatigue and wounds I'd basically put them on the Triple Overtime routine or lower depending on how much time they want to spend. Pretty elegant really, thanks for bringing it up.