Parma Magic and Warping

As I've stated elsewhere, I have only just begun to acquaint myself with 5th Ed. There are a number of issues which I have with some of the changes made to the way that magic works which would affect the setting. Warping is one of the more pronounced.

One curiosity which I haven't been able to sort out is why Parma Magica doesn't generate Warping Points. It is a persistent, often very potent magical effect which Magi experience from the start of their Apprenticeship throughout their entire lives. It is even more pervasive than a Longevity Ritual, which certain Magi can forego for many decades. By rights, according to the text, Parma Magica should be generating a Warping effect, yet it does not. Why?

  1. The Breakthrough which created Parma Magica shows the way to avoiding Warping almost altogether. No one has followed up on this, but, theoretically, the Parma acts to insulate a Magus or Maga from the cumulative negative effects of magic (i.e. Warping) due to persistent effects.

  2. The Parma Magica isn't actually ON the Magus or Maga, but around him or her. The Parma is a shell, not something which permeates the invoker, thus it doesn't generate Warping because the subject, while generating the effect and protected by it, isn't actually under its direct influence. The logic of this could be sound, and it suggests that many more protective magicks could be employed in this fashion.

Other explanations? Beside the possibility that it's something that went right past the game developers.

I'd mention that your Parma is only on you from the END of your apprenticeship, not from its start, but that your Parens' Parma is often on you during your apprenticeship.

I seem to recall that, in canon, your first option is correct - that the Parma doesn't produce warping due to its Breakthrough nature. I can't recall where I read that, though.

I think that is the best solution. You don't want to make the loophole of your second option, or magi will start wielding all sorts of "shields" willie-nillie, which isn't as much fan as the current situation IMHO.

Is this a minor inconsistency in the rules? Perhaps. I don't mind it.

On a related note, consider the inconsistency of magi being under Parma and Longevity Potion yet not counting as magical for the purpose of punishing someone protected by Magic Resistance. I do believe this one got past the designers. It can be accepted, or a house rule can be adopted for MR anyways (e.g. "the magic resisted by the Parma doesn't affect the magus, but the mundane qualities - like the sword's sharpenss, or the wizard's touch - do"); house ruling MR is pretty common IMO.