Parma Magica of the Dead

A Hermetic Magus dies, stabbed to death by... whatever.

Obviously his parma magica was active at the time of his death. Is his corpse still covered until sunup/-down?
Or does the defence die with him?

The ritual is sun duration, so it should be active till that timespan ends (no element of concetration is needed).

If you needed it otherwise for story purposes, you could argue that parma is not perfectly hermetic, but that seems the less plausible exlanation to me.

It depends on whether the Parma Magica is a ward that protects the substance of the magus's flesh or the substance of his spirit. During life, those both inhabit the same locations anyway...

Hm. Suggestion:

If you allow ghosts of magi to use Parma Magica, then the Parma Magica is associated with the spirit and not the flesh. The ward departs the body at the moment of death.
If you don't allow ghosts to use Parma Magica, it's bound to the flesh like any other Personal range spell. The ward departs only at the next sunset or sunrise.


Well, we're assuming that the magus doesn't have a virtue or flaw that might effect spell duration, so why shouldn't canonical Parma endure past death, like the duration of any other magical effect?



According to TMRE (p.70), when body and spirit are separated, Parma Magic Resistance stays with the spirit, Form Magic Resistance stays with the body.

Huh! Didn't catch that!

Hmm, I believe you are extrapolating what is written on TMRE p.70. The context of the statement has to do with the Inscription of the Soul virtue and the "talisman" connection if your spirit should separate from your body and that the body and soul are still connected, active (parma) protections to the spirit, passive (forms) to the body... It is not talking about ghost magi per se. Although I can see why you went that way.. and am not saying it couldn't be that way. merely saying that it is not technically what the paragraph is about.