Passing on the effects of Creo Rituals to future Generations

true, on the other hand if there is no other benefit to an infertility version of a LR, infertility can be achieved fairly easily with a non-ritual PeCo spell...

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Hi guys, sorry to bring up an old thread but I have a point to raise. Everyone is assuming that a magus/maga will wait until after gauntlet to get married.

As long as they have their master's permission they can get married at any age during apprenticeship. As an apprentice they still have some free time of their own, they still have their own little adventures and social encounters.
It's quite possible for a female apprentice to fall for the grog captain during an outing, or for a young apprentice to fall in love with the daughter of a noble when he is negotiating on his master's behalf.

There are so many stories to be found about this sort of thing - it's just that most of us play young magi, not apprentices. We overlook these small stories.


Out of wedlock births are also a possibility, but at the same time any pregnancy will distract from the apprenticeship- at least for a female apprentice, and knocking girls up can certainly be story potential for a young male magus... however unless gently gifted relationships may be problematic.

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