Passively Gaining Warping Points Annually

I'm aware of gaining warping points from living in auras/longterm spell effects but I could've sworn that there was some mention that you gained automatic warping points annually for presumably botching a spell every once in awhile. Am I just making this up? I can't find it in core now.

Yes and no. Not once play has begun, but when you are dealing with advancement past apprenticeship in character generation, on p. 32 you gain 2 warping points per year.

It's not a real rule, but it's in there. That's from the section about starting older magi. If you age them past their gauntlets the method says to add 2 warping points per year. But that's just a way to try to account for things during rapid development as opposed to using the full game rules.

I think of it as more of a guideline and I ignore it, typically onu require the warping one would have from an LR. I suppose it is there to model botching and the like, but I think it does so poorly; since there aren't positive or negative effects related to botching and Twilight experiences.

Thanks everyone, I just wanted to know I wasn't crazy, I'm considering using it as a houserule for extended lab-activity seasons.

Wait, what?
Normal lab activity is one of the safest things around.

Aside from just reading books...

I guess it depends how common ab-normal lab conditions are (non-standard routines, labs with a Warping score or low Safety rating). I always thought 2 warping points a year was a bit harsh, especially before the LR. But Warping and Twilight is so random (i.e. botch dependent) that it's hard to model over time.