Path of Strife Questions...

So I'm working on a Criamon on the Path of Strife for a game here on the forums and I have a couple of questions that my Google-fu has failed me in answering. First, where is the initiation site for the Path of Strife? HoH:MC says it's, "maintained far from the Cave of Twisting Shadows," but what does that mean? Is it a five day hike, or kept in a completely different tribunal? Second, where is the Clutch of Ebony Eggs (the Path of Strife clutch mentioned at the end of the Criamon section). My guess would be near the initiation site, but you never know.

On a separate note, are any of the other clutch locations detailed anywhere? I know The Cave of Twisting Shadows is in Song of Ice and Xylinites (Path of Body clutch) is detailed The Sundered Eagle, but are any of the others detailed?

"Far" is saga-dependent! If it's a quick and easy journey, it is clearly not far enough. :slight_smile:/9872987974291

Like, if your saga is set in 1970s Brooklyn, "far away" could be all the way up in the Bronx, requiring 3 subway changes and a 15 block walk through dangerous territory to (shudder) a bus line. Not everyone makes it even past the Guardians of the Regio of Manhattan, or the Turnstiles of Torment....

But if your Mystagogue is Carmen Sandiego, you might need to get halfway around the world just for your first clue.

For "Far" we usually go for "in another tribunal, far away from any of the major non-strife clutches"

Given the initiation is tailored to the [strike]victim[/strike] applicant, the "far" should be something which challenges them, and is distant from the cult and the initiate. Aim for a place which is both different from the initiate's typical surroundings, and outside their comfort zone. Shetlands? Constantinople? Our saga may vary.

The Clutch of Ebony Eggs is where you need it to be. I've had it in various places in my games: Normandy (in a regio created by the Schism War's concluding battle), Transylvania (where the world tree was before it fell), on the far side of the world (Hypernestoria : reachable through the Axis Magica)