PDFs Galore

I just wanted to highlight news that more PDFs are coming, and the explanation why, given by John Nephew:

and in response to a question on whether the core book will be released as a pdf:

The latest book to be released as PDF is Magi of Hermes - so they seem not very far off from that "one year after publication" policy.

I think that's great news! I've been clamoring for more PDF content for a while. Now I've semi-officially ditched my dead-tree library and am moving to PDF-only, so that's even more true. Ironically, I now am also in a bit of an economic downturn so I may not be buying as many and as soon as I'd want to - but still, I'll personally pick up them all eventually :smiley: (I already have a few)


I seem to gobble up these morsels as soon as they become available...

<ctl+f> ftw! :smiley:

I have a question, or am perhaps positing a PDF option to spur cash inflow.

Green Ronin does something like this, I'm curious if it makes sense for Atlas Games and the Nephews, Mr. Chart, and so on.

I always buy the Hardcover of an Ars Magica book.
I would not mind a PDF.
The current price for both, added together, however, is too much for me to indulge in and remain married for long.

Green Ronin's system is to offer the PDF before the book goes to print, perhaps a week before. Often, this catches mistakes, and leads to an improved print product, and the PDF ends up being re-released to those who bought it with corrections made, charts/graphs fixed, etc.

The PDF is offered for $5 if you buy the hardcover as a pre-order through Green Ronin. (I think they're also trying to embrace the Bytes and Mortar initiative, where book pre-orders at a game store can net you a PDF code for $5 as well - I'll be trying that for the first time tomorrow when I go to pick up Cradle and Crescent at the Compleat Strategist)

You get that PDF immediately, and the book when it ships.

I'm thinking others might be inclined to buy into some sort of Book+PDF pre-order situation, that was lower than the current cost of both items. I know John Nephew, when not fighting muncipal corruption, is a savvy businessman, so I am curious how such an approach to combined book+pdf sales might work for the current Atlas business scheme. I would hope it might provide a venue for most cash for the company, though I am unsure what price a PDF would need to be as part of a combined deal to make it work in Atlas' favor.


That sounds great. It's terrific to see so many PDFs from Atlas lately, and my only "complain" is that paying $45 for a hardcover plus a PDF is a bit too high...

By the way, having the core rules in PDF format is even greater news...