People of Hermes

So, I'm doing a Grand Tribunal relatively soon. If all goes well, it will be a multi-session event as PCs get involved in various stuff - I want to make it as memorable as befits the rare occasion.

I was hoping to mine your brains a little: can you guys describe the most memorably peculiar character (magus or grog, doesn't matter) you remember from your sagas? E.g: there is a super cool magus mentioned in Tales from Mythic Europe (I think), a Tytalus who serves the spirit of the Danube and dresses in clothes that are flowing water. Any guy whose appearance speaks of stories you just wanna hear.


Gracchus ex Veriditius.
He is a grumpy old Necromancer who is clothed entirely in human skin and bone. He's had close run ins with several Bavarian churchmen who are on his trail due to a rash of body snatching that happen the night before the burial. His familiar Reißer, is a mighty wolf which has the ability to shapeshift into a human, the wolf leads a large pack which has a mutually beneficial relationship with Gracchus' lab... His lab is in hidden in the mountains south of Augsburg, but he is often prowling for material.

Cleopatra ex Merinita
She has taken the whole egyptian thing all the way, dressing like Egyptians of old, has an Ankh talisman and a beautiful golden Eagle as her familiar. That she needs to cast corpus magic daily to maintain the physical appearance of an Egyptian is not so publicly known.

Moro ex Bjornaer
A mastiff of a man, thickly build, with dark hair and a dark red beard. His animal form is that of a large Rottweiler. He spends as much of his time in animal form as he does in human. He has rather little interest in magic, but is highly gregarious. He is a strong support of the Hawthorn Gild, with a slight penchant towards Wilderism. He has been a peregrinator in the Rhine almost two decades showing little interest in joining any one Covenant permanently, however is makes sure that redcaps always know where to find him a season in advance. He is an active letter writer and maintains an extensive correspondence with former Coven mates as well as a few members of the Normandy Tribunal. He has competed in the Normandy Tourney twice, by invitation to help keep the number of teams even.


Aglae ex Miscellanea:
She is a witch of Thessaly, Mu/Co/An shapeshifter, with a predilection for birds of prey.
She is a visiting Dunremar as a Peregrinator, taking a break from her Covenant in Thebes. She came into a large amount of Vis (though won't say why) which allowed her nice accomodations and unlimited access, despite the competition to get one of the few guest spots in Dunremar.
She plans to stay in Dunremar for the three or so year that follow after the Tribunal.
She is very interested in visiting what she sees as sisterly witch traditions: Walpurgisnacht and Dankmar.
She is a pagan and worshipper of Hekate, though she does not go out of her way to demonstrate it.
She has a Twilight scar that makes her skin very warm to the touch and she does not feel any cold or chill short of a blizzard.
She is hot blooded, dominant and uninterested in men.
She dresses like an exaggerated version of what one might see as ancient greece (Themyscira at the start of Wonder Woman was my inspiration).


Here's a fun random one.... (grog-companion-enemy)

Genno, the blessed child:
Genno was taken from a small manor with a minor noble estate, who managed a local hunting preserve in the Roman tribunal. When the lord was found to be dealing with a small cult of demon-worshippers, the master was chased off- and they found his bastard child, Genno, a smart, bright, skilled young man. One of the magi decided to take him back to the covenant, with the intent of raising him properly and perhaps setting him in charge of the now-troubled estate to rule it well and with favorable disposition to magi. Unfortunately, the maga who embarked on this project was not particularly parental, so she gave the young lad to one of the covenant's hunters to raise. And then ignored him.
This lack of actual supervision lead to Genno being a great hunter - since he was blessed by his father's infernal powers - and as the lad grew older, handsomer, smarter, he began to seduce local wives and out-drink and out-fight locals in the dockside taverns of the nearby port town. He learned to control and manipulate local commonfolk and assume his status as a proper Lord in charge. The whole time, he was 'blessed' by a demonic spirit that taught him to fulfill his noble rights with lusts and glory and pride. While the demon couldn't reach him in the covenant due to the Aegis, Genno regularly adventures out and hunts for the covenant's food supplies and sleeps with the local women (one of who is the demon in disguise).
Genno, despite his deep corruption, has a few things going for him: he views Magi as allies rather than evil, and he just needs to get enough power to prove to them he's a worthwhile ally. Though he views most common folk as mere pawns in his game, he believes that he only has a right to rule over those he takes care of - his father's descent was clearly because he neglected the commonfolk, and only by actually taking care of them does he get the right to seduce their wives and daughters and claim their excess.
This responsibility is deeply ingrained in him, and is the final straw the demon is trying to erode. The demon's 'gifts' to the Demon Child is almost entirely passive: Increased strength, stamina, beauty, charm. The demon is actually not that powerful and refuses to deal with magi on a direct level, and only interacts with her 'ward' in the form of attractive women for him to seduce and dominate. Genno's goal is to get himself a fiefdom and ally with the magi, since he got chased off of his home turf by scared nobles. (He feels a driving urge to hurry, since he's dying relatively soon due to Age Quickly, but is also unaging, so he doesn't know his mortality)