Perdo-Spells with increased duration

Salvete Sodales!

One last question for today: Re-Reading the spells and spell-guidelines for PeCo I came across 'Grip of the Choking Hand'. By raising the duration one step to daimeter the one-time Perdo-effect (lose a fatigue level) was turned into a good spell to put somebody out of action - with some delay. I wonder whether this works for other Pe-effects as well. Unfortunately I don't have my rule book around now, so I can't give exavts spell levels, but here are just some interesting ideas:

'Poisoning the fountain of corruptio' (PeVi, general)
R: voice D: diameter T: Individual
This spell slowly erodes the infernal might of a demon (and can easily be translated to other realms). The demon affected by the spell loses (spell level -5) points of infernal might every round for 20 rounds. (same calculation as DEO but with duration diameter).
If a level 10 spell runs its course the demon loses 100 points of Might, so any demon from ROP:TI could be destroyed by it. Of course, for the really powerful ones penetration might still be a problem, the demon can still do damage for some rounds, and perhaps he finds a way to break the spell - but two minutes aren't much time to find a solution, if the beiing in question doesn't have a power equivalent to PeVi-effects.

'Torture of the razor knife' (PeCo)
R:touch D:moon T:Individual
For the complete moon duration the victim of this spell is cut every 6 seconds in a superficial way (a light wound). Even if all these wounds (more than 400000 in case of perfect timing) shouldn't get infected nearly nobody stays sane over this spell.

Personally, I am not really happy with such effects. But do you think, they are within standard interpretation of the rules?

Alexios ex Miscellanea

Exremely evil suggestion. :smiling_imp:

However, that many light wounds would inevitably stack to kill the victim long before the spell duration timed out. I wouldn't be surprised if most people didnt last the first 10 minutes (100 light wounds).

Serf's parma, but aren't such spells continually destroying the SAME fatigue level or whatever? Hence being rather useless...

Why would it be "the same level of fatigue or whatever"? The spell description for the one trick pony (Mom duration) says nothing on that line. And can be multicast for 3-5 levels of fatigue loss easily, for example.

I see nothing that breaks the rules here, even if the total effect is wicked! I am unsure I would likely players following your logic, thoughA level 10 PeVi spell that can kill Satan on a temporary charged wand with limited duration (talk about penetration!!) would immediately become a no brainer IMS.


I can see what they're on about. Take a more obvious example, a PeTe. If you cast a momentary PeTe, a chunk of rock disappears and you've got a pit. If you cast a diameter PeTe, the rock disappears, but you just can't refill it for the diameter.. it doesn't go on a rock destroying rampage and slowly devour a mountain.

So, I can see an argument that such a spell would actually make someone lose a fatigue level, and then be unable to regain that fatigue level for the duration of the spell, rather than just take all their fatigue.

Same with the wounds.. it just means that the wound cannot be healed while the spell is in effect, it'd have to be dispelled first or such.

I'm going to hijack this thread, going off topic for a sec. Sorry!

While losing the same fatigue level every round or having the same cut opened on every round sounds reasonable, what about Creo-spells then? Consider a Ball of Abysmal Flame cast with a Diameter duration; would it blast the same target every round for +30 damage?

I would consider 2 things for this:

  • The wound will be non-healable for the duration
  • The spell will act each round with the exact same parameters as when it was cast, most notably location.

This is like creating a stationnary fire with creo magic: A D:Sun fire will burn for Sun duration, but it won't move. A BoaF is like creating a ball of flame at your victim's location, the fact that it flies of from your hand is just a special effect. So, a mom BoaF would just burn over and over the same place. If the target moves, no problem.
I'd allow a magus to invent a spell variant where he could move his BoaF, however. Either a simpel Rego requisite, or no rego req but required Spell Concentration (and +1Mag)

True and well thought of Xavi and Fixer. For such a spell as the second one (involving multiple cuts all over the body) it did occur to me earlier that you would probably need a T: Part and an extra magnitude or 2 for complexity to justify the appearance of fresh cuts randomly across Various parts of the body.

As I read it, the long-duration Perdo spell would indeed create the same wound over and over, just like a Perdo spell to create a hole would create the same pit again and again, as FluffySquirrel said. As The Fixer said, the wound would essentially be unhealable for the duration, and would reopen if healed.

For a longer duration Creo Ignem spell, certainly a Rego requisite might allow one to move the fire and so cause more damage to escaping targets.

For a Perdo spell, however, I'm leery of letting one "move" the effect. It obviates the need to cast more spells! I think it's better to require multicasting or just casting again to create more wounds.

I would allow Boxer's idea - use a Part target, and add +2 magnitudes for complexity. Still I might lower the effect somewhat, producing wounds of one less level of severity, depending on how the final spell comes out.

I would rule that Grip of the Choking hand is a commonly know pre-hermetic spell that doesn't really fit in the guidelines properly. There are a few other spells that are like this, notably, the Aegis.

If you create a perdo spell with a longer duration, then the damage is not healable until the duration ends. i.e. a memory doesn't return, a wound doesn't start healing and a pit doesn't fill.

Alexios' spell 'Poisoning the fountain of corruption' is a great example of whay i wouldn't allow this kind of effect IMS. My players would simply cast this spell then teleport somewhere safe and return in two minutes time.

Far more fun to make the players stick around and fight it out.