Perfected Image Memories vs Memories in general

Core rules InIm guidelines state that a base lvl 1 effect is sufficient to memorize or perfect a memory of an image.

This is memory, though, right? Isn't that a Me effect?

With the not-too-clear rules from HoH:S (p68) on memories and the Art of Memory from TM(RE), it seems that this is a bit of a distraction, isn't it?

And what after you memorize it with the InIm effect. It fades with time... can't you then just hit yourself with an InIm effect again to perfect your memory and restore what you've lost?

Has this been addressed anywhere?

The silence is noteworthy. I take it then that this isn't something anyone else has had to deal with?

No, it's just a magical "bypass" of your vision. It initially provides you with a perfect image, the rest is up to you.

Only if you still have the original image available.

But the guideline reads "Perfect your memory about an image you have enountered" - that's not the same as "one you are experiencing" - it's distinctly past tense. :confused:

And the entire passage starts "Memorize or perfect your memory about..." - which implies (to me, at least) two different effects - one immediate (as you mention above) and one later, addressing recall.

(I could go on, but I'll admit I've never found a perfectly comfortable interpretation of those InIm guidelines. Hope there's maybe an authorial type who might shed some light on this, and it's original intent?)

I think the guidelines are a mistake, and should be moved to the Mentem category.