Peripheral Code 3 (Autumn 2017)

The latest issue of Peripheral Code has arrived just in time for the end of November, and it is an 80-page Giant!

Thanks to many contributors both here and elsewhere, I'm very proud to present to you all:

  • The Siege of Bedford, a complete sandbox adventure
  • The Covenant of the Green Knight, a mythic locale to explore or settle
  • The Cult of Knowledge, a mystery cult developed by a Bonisagus magus
  • Politics of Wind, Wave, and Ice: ideas and advice for Rhine sagas
  • Make Straight Through the Desert, the tale of a Tremere apprentice and his journey to Africa
  • One author's attempt at a 6th edition of our favorite RPG
  • And "The Bastion of the North," a complete and highly detailed saga set in 11th century England

My sincere thanks to all the contributors, without which Peripheral Code would not exist.

I invite you check out our latest issue on RPGNow

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Got mine!

(Unfortunately won't be able to peruse for a while, oh well)

Peripheral Code is a fixed arcane connection, and will last forever!

As I live in Bedford, it would be rude not to pick this issue up :slight_smile:

Is this for the Journeyman time where most magus wander from covenant to covenant as well?

This particular article addresses each of the covenants, gilds, and magi who might be involved — positively or negatively — in a Saga which explores north and investigates the “Order of Odin.” It’s a way to turn a very inward-facing Autumn Tribunal into an outward-facing Summer one. I think you’ll find a lot of ideas here for a group of traveling Journeymen who have a chance to interact with all the factions and characters of the Rhine.

Christian Andersen, who wrote this piece, is active on these forums and might be able to tell you more.

The article expands upon the quite short notes in Guardians of the Forest about a "Wind, Wave, and Ice" saga involving Scandinavia and the (possible) Order of Odin. While it may be common for freshly gauntleted Journeymen to spend time as Peregrins, spending some years here and there it is by no means a must. None of my own Rhine sagas have been with Peregrin player-magi. It should work just as well playing as Peregrins as it should in a set covenant. The covenants furthest to the south and east would be hard pressed to interact directly with the saga arc, however in the Rhine the Gilds bind magi together.


looking forward to reading this.

Well, let me know if you love it ! A few days after I wrote that adventure, I added Robin Hood as Robin of Loxley, a grizzled Nordman lord in the king's army. Still doing some rumpus with his old fellows, and still a good archer in spite of old age. My players loved the cameo.

The cover artist and layout guru, Ade Smith, also lives very near Bedford. You may have the makings of a tabletop saga in your area...