[Peripheral Code] Call for Submissions!

The "proof of concept" issue of PERIPHERAL CODE came out last week, which means it is time to look forward to future issues. Ars Magica has always been very lucky to have a prolific and talented pool of authors. If you would like to contribute to the game we love, please consider writing something for the fanzine.

Our submission guidelines are on the last page of each issue, but for those of you who do not have a copy, here's some of the things we are looking for:

Regular Columns: If you would like to help, but don't know what to write, consider submitting something for one of our regular columns.

  • MAGI OF THE ORDER details a Hermetic magus at a single point in their life, with familiar, talisman, and unique spells. Characters should generate stories. Avoid submitting your own PC; they're never as interesting to everyone else as they are to you.
  • ILLUMINATIONS is our column of books and spells for the covenant library. You can submit something short, like an individual spell or unusual book, or something longer.
  • GOBLIN MARKET is our column for enchanted items, magical things, and other "treasure."
  • I'm still looking for an entry to kick off our ANTAGONISTS column. Could be an interesting beast, a demon, a dragon, or even a Divine busybody.

House Rules: Ars is a frequently house ruled system and, now that the line has ended, it is an especially good time for house rules. If you have a rule that works well for you, or several, send them to me. Short rules will be held for inclusion in a larger column when I have enough material. A large or complicated subsystem -- like the library or automata rules in PC #1 -- can be a column of their own.

Feature Articles: An article can take many forms. Here are some ideas.

  • Adventures: The Holy Grail of submissions. Always needed, seldom written.
  • Alternate Settings, Timelines, Founders, or Houses: Many of you add new Houses to the Order or use an alternate history. This is perfect for Peripheral Code.
  • Mythic Locations: We do a lot of research along the way in Ars Magica; share that research with the community by writing up that abbey, burial mound, or infernal hot-spot for other players to use.
  • New Factions: Do you have an original Bjornaer sept, Criamon path, Hermetic societas, Verditius tradition, Tytalus cabal, Tremere vexillation, or mystery cult in your game? Tell us about it.
  • Fiction: Fiction submissions should be a complete story.
  • Art: I would kill for some Ars Magica comics at the back of Peripheral Code.

Write to me with any questions, comments, or proposals. I am happy to work with you to make your article a reality. And if none of this helps -- you would like to contribute but do not know how -- please write to me. We'll think of something.

The first issue of Periperal Code is for sale on RPGNow: rpgnow.com/product/201149/Pe ... test_small

Thank you,
Jason Tondro

Quick question: What's your policy on author's rights to their work - I know with Sub Rosa they want the right to publish it first and to reprint it if they make a compilation, otherwise the author can re-use it as they see fit (sorry if my paraphrasing of Mr Lawford missed some crucial detail).

Yes, good question. Peripheral Code needs only the same rights you listed. These are "non exclusive rights," so we can publish it in our magazine and you can still do whatever you want with your own work.

I'll add this to our submissions page in the future. Thank you.