Personal Range and Gear

Fairly straight forward question: The description of Personal range says "The spell only affects the casting magus or things that he is wearing or carrying." - is this only supposed to mean that any such effect that affects you as a whole also affects your carried gear, or is it possible to affect only your gear with this range as well (for example to cast a "Doublet of Impenetrable Silk" equivalent effect at Personal range on your worn clothing)?

I've always read it to be the former, and the follow-up "The target is thus never larger than Individual." makes sense in this regard, given that you might carry something on you that has a bigger size than its form's base individual. On the other hand the use of "or" implies that it could also affect only your gear. In this case the question arises when gear is considered worn or carried - do the Muto Corpus guidelines apply in this regard?

I tend to go with personal-range gear as the kind of thing the person wears/carries with them regularly enough that such an item would constitute an arcane connection to the caster. The caster must be wearing/carrying the item in question at the time of casting, too.

I've always interpreted that to be, generally, you and anything on your person, which may involve a bit of a judgment call sometimes. Backpack, clothes, shoes, walking stick, etc., could all be affected by a Personal or Individual spell. In fact, "clothes" are specifically mentioned in T: Individual (p. 112), and R: Personal includes what you're wearing.

Note that this may depend on the particular spell. For example, there was some discussion recently as to whether Seven-League Stride and/or Leap of the Homecoming (ReCo) included clothes, armor, weapons, etc. (I believe the consensus was yes, with requisites.)