Personality Flaws and Ability Maximums

I never thought about it, but you could argue that berserk/fury is a form of ferocity for humans. Nice.

Ok, the first time on Mystery Cults, the Virtue is only to beast, true.
After of that, it was added to Simple Minded and grogs Characters on others books.

It was? Can you give me an example of that? I'm not sure I've seen it anywhere.


Oh well, I was going through the list without thinking. That still leaves Premonitions, Enduring Constitution or Tough that have better combat potential. I like the idea of Ferocity for grogs, with a matching Personality Flaw.

Mark, i saw where excatly is that description of Ferocity, i is on the RoP - Magic page 43, "This Virtue may only be taken by magic characters played as grogs, or who do not have Inteligence, or who have the Low Self-Steem Flaw". I admit that this description can be read like the others versions with additions, like that the Grog must be Magic first.

Right, thanks. I think the intent was that it was for playing Magic Animals and the like as grogs; but that might not have been how it ended up.


Yes. But i feel that would work with Elementals, Airy spirits and that magic humans that are wild childs too, all good concepts to Grogs near to Animals, and with normal Grogs with one Essential Trait too. And taht is not bad in all.