Personality traits and casting with armor

In that respect AM is fairly balanced no particular concept of mage armoured or otherwise is all powerful however magi are more powerful than none magi. Some concepts are much less combat effective but that is usaully becasue they are very useful outside of combat where most of most saga's occcurres.
Given that a mage can get soak bonuses from other sources (MuCo, MuAn/He to make normal clothes protect as armour, Re (Te/An/Co) to block attacks) armour does not give a mage much of a power boost , certainly not after 20 or 30 years of study.

There are two big lists of Personality Traits - Realms of Power: the Divine has a list associated with the seven theological virtues, and their reverse. Art & Academe has a list associated with the four bodily humours.