Personality Virtues/Vices

I was reading the systems in RoP:D and RoP:I which arrange many of the typical personality traits (and Flaws) in a neat structure centered on the Seven Virtues and Vices, and it seemed to me a nice tool to give a structure to personality traits, esp. when the character is exposed to divine or infernal influences. However, it left me puzzled in the case of traits that are linked to different parts of opposite virtues and vices. I mean, it effectively impossible for a character to be Cowardly and Courageous, but it would entirely possible for a character to be Ambitious and Honorable, or Optimistic and Wrathful. How would such a character register on the virtuo-vice-o-meter ?

E.g. let's hypothesize a theoretical, but possible character that is Arrogant +3 (Proud), Vengeful +3 (Wrathful), Optimistic +2 (Calm), Bold +3 (Brave), Lecherous +3 (Lustful), Ambitious (Avaricious) +3, Honorable +2 (Just)

Well, a demon would just have to find out which are the right buttons to push to make the character sin. Depending on the actual circumstances, Optimistic may or may not temper Vengeful, for all that they belong to an opposed virtue/vice pair. If you really want to want to have a score for each pair (shades of Pendragon :smiley: ), you could subtract them from one another (i.e. your character is "Wrathful" +1, "Avaricious" +1), subtract the largest from the largest (so, if he were also Angry +1, it would still be Wrathful +1), or take a pessimistic view and only consider the vices, untempered by virtue (i.e. if you're both Wrathful and Calm, you're really only Wrathful).