Peter Jackson knows Ars Magica?

According to New Zealand press Peter Jackson is about to make a movie heavily inspired by Ars Magica. Can anyone confirm the tabloid?

The Kiwi Gazette feature can be found here!!!

What did you think Atlas had that Open Call for detailed magi/spells/items for?
Why did you think Abe created that "describing myself as a wizard" thread?

I can't find anything about it on IMDB or even with a google search. I hope it's true though!

You should check out Furion's link.

haha! That was good!


(That's the sound of my message imploding.)


Excellent April 1 post.

yeah. dammit.

hehe - you're welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Couldn't resist the temptation. Glad someone had a laugh :laughing:

You're not alone, BellaDonna. When I clicked on the link provided, I knew I'd been had.

Furion, speaking for all those who did likewise but didn't have the wherewithal to own up that BellaDonna had, that WAS well done.

Now about payback...


Cheers mate. Glad to hear it didnt go down in complete silence, and that someone took the luring bait :smiling_imp:

But I think I should be more carefull on my April jests... The Easter weeks sees a splendid convention here in Aarhus. It's old, fantastic and one of Denmark's most visited conventions. And last year I made an innocent April 1st jest of my friends, many of whom are the responsible organizers of the convention, asking them matter-of-factly what they'd do now that one of the localities had burned to the ground (echoing the recent blazing of another school). Some took the bait - others didnt. I'm glad I did that last year and not this year, because just last night I had an alarm to a large blaze in another sports arena at another school at a very similar-sounding address in the very same suburb. Luckily it wasn't at the convention, where people were already busy making the last preparation for tomorrows opening. I just wonder if that fire had been at the convention and had been last year what world of troubles I would have been in. :frowning:

Even if in an April 1st jest it's generally a bad omen when a firefighter predicts a fire... :open_mouth: I guess I'll never dare make anymore April Fool on anyone involving any notion of fire :cry: (film makers on the other hand...)

Bring it on... :wink: I'll be looking forward to it :smiley:

Which would have to wait until next April Fools...

  • Alex -

Furion, ever play a Flambeau, or is it too close to home?


ps. And yeah, you totally got me with your jest as well. Bastard. :wink:

I thought the same, but when someone pledges payback you never know... :confused:

To be honest I've never even played a magus.. As I'm the SG, and so far my beta have only been running one game, where I played a grog. But I do play a lot of NPC magi (especially at the next session - as Tribunal is up) and this moniker that happenstance became my forum name is from a prominent Flambeau NPC.

I do however tend to put watersheds between my own knowledge of fire and the ingame setting concept of fire. The two worlds wouldn't mix well - chemical combustion and a magical/Aristotlean notion of fire :astonished: . In any case fighting fires is only a job -a interesting one that is- to get me through university, and other character types might be closer to home. Which might be why my first real magus character, just recently made, is a Guernici headed for mediation and reconciliation rather than judging.

hehe :laughing: Gotta love it :smiling_imp: