Petty Revenge spell question

If i wanted to put a Perdo corpus spell into a watching ward on myself set to slay my killer, how would i do this?

Obviously we'd need a killing spell.
PeCo40 will get you a voice range kill 'em dead spell.

Then we'd need a sensor, and here is where it gets vague. The spell description states

Death seems relatively simple. Spell goes off if you die.

But! How does it target? Could you set it to cast on the person that killed you? or would that need a sensor spell to determine who that might be?

Anyone got any ideas?

Do you have Ancient Magic, because this is just what Defixiones do! :smiley:
I think maybe the best way to do this with a Waiting Spell (SP) is a Creo something, like CrIg with several magnitudes for size and it creates a huge fireball if you die, centered on your corpse, no targeting needed. Or CrIg to create a rabid, huge, magical, hungry, monster that appears when you die and tries to eat everyone nearby.
I suppose a Room target PeCo would work, and it would by default effect everyone in the room with you (maybe even your corpse, to avoid your ghost being summoned with an arcane connection), but it would only work if you were in some sort of definable room.
I just got home. OK, the target has to be present for a watching ward or waiting spell, and it has a range of touch. So you can use this to put a conditional spell on someone, but they have to be present. You can't use this spell or similar to target "whoever". It breaks the limit of Arcane Connection, which says "hermetic magic cannot effect an unsensed target without an arcane connection" to which I would add "an arcane connection which is present when the spell is cast". Since you don't know who you will be affecting when you cast the spell, you can't cast it. You can cast a spell which will affect yourself, someone else (good way to seal a contract) or on a certain room (with waiting spell). you would need ot learn Defixiones magic to to target a "future unknown person".

I prefer a large area PeAu death curse [edit] with a decent duration to make a killzone[end edit]. Don't give them the chance to get away and don't worry about pesky air means more difficult (silent) casting and a very limited window before they have pressing personal issues, like breathing.


OK, cool. I was having a hard time coming up with a good Perdo spell for this sort of thing.

Could always put a watching ward on valuables you carry, such as vis. If some one other than you removes it from your body the spell is triggered. then you can have your PeCo or CrIg to try to kill them off. Make sure you also use a spell to shroud the ward so it can't be easily removed.

Great ideas one and all, i like the PeAu death curse, and expecially like the big-nasty-monster-eats-you-all spell. I think i shall go with a variant of that. The watching ward will contain a spell that upon death turns my (now dead) magus, into an undead beastie which will go after the killer. I'll have to have a think about levels when i'm in front of my books, but i like the imagery (and thats the really important bit).

What techniques and forms is your mage best at?
I like the use of Creo, that seems simplest but You can also use Mu Co with an Au requisite to turn your corpse into a poison gas. That might be kind of complicated, but it would have a really mean result.
I love the idea of a big giant hungry animal. Brilliant!

If you can't manage a Transformation to Vengeful Undead Horror spell ,
what about constructing the body in your Lab.
You have an arcane connection to this body and the last of your lifeforce is transferred into it.
A preset Leap of Homecoming returns the now animate deathbeast to the site of your demise.
This necromantic creature is an enchanted device (wings would be a good idea)
with high penetration levels on claw and fang attacks to get through parma.

As one of the two mages likely to be stood next to him when he dies, I'm not sure I approve of the idea of an area effect death spell!

Note to self: If you ever need to kill him, do it from a distance! :slight_smile:

Standing next to him when he turns into an angry toothy-clawsy-undead fleshrender will bode poorly, too. :wink:

Quite frankly, just standing next to him when he dies might not be an idea I would approve of, especially not if he sets one of these watching wards. Or at least, I would make sure I've got 7LS/LoH on the fast-casting mastery speed dial. :slight_smile:

This does raise the question, should you be planning death curses that are sodalis-friendly? Do you expect to be standing amongst friends when you kick, and if so, are they still your friends?


What if you don't die by the hand of your enemy but by accident or disease? Do you intent to kill the healer that failed?

Well, yeah. I mean, he failed. Should I give him a bonus instead? I think this would be an interesting incentive to make sure the healer uses his confidence points. 8)

Or refuses to attend you and flee the area before you die. I would certainly put a clause in the covenant charter to forbid tht character from experimenting in covenant grounds and being expelled from the covenant before entering final twilight. And probably not allowing him to revover in covenant grounds either. Too dangerous for the rest of the community. An auto-trigger PoF is Ok, since it will cause a fire or kill a few covenfolk at most. A rampaging sun/moon duration undead all-killer is much more difficult to deal with, so most magi will not like to know about that.

OTOH you can have this spell in an enchanted device: triggers if wearer dies. You carry it when in wizard's war and on expedition. I doubt most c0ovenants would have a problem with that.



Which is why you dont tell that you have such a spell prepared, after all your dead what do you care?

If he has time to get a healer he might have time to dismantle the spell or alter it in a less threatening way... If he cared to.

Well, preparing an assassination before being judged by God and after being able to confess your sins.... well, in mythic europe I would be quite concerned about the destiny of my soul :wink: [size=75]Demons, demons, demons[/size]



There is no concievable way my magus is getting into heaven. I don't see ME heaven as being terribly full of necromancers :smiley:

Amen Brother, you're speaking my language.

Very Good idea, might do this.

Corpus, Mentem, Vim and Rego. Also quite good with muto, perdo and intellego.

Now you have an incentive to keep me alive :smiling_imp:

How would such a spell be targeted though? would it need another sensor spell?

Do you care to target something or do you just want to annihilate everything in sight and hope it hits your murderer?

(I like this character!)

You could set a Rego Mentem spell to make everyone in sight commit suicide. It would be about a level 45 range:sight duration: sun.

It is magic. I always assume magic is amazing stuff, so I would not require targeting or a second spell. The target of the spell is determined at the time of casting the spell into the waiting spell: "hit the ass*ole that kills me right between the eyes" would be a fair enough effect for me.

The offixcial rules might think the contrary, though. We tend to handwave such mechanical issues that (in our opinion) do not contribute to the setting and do contribute to number crunching away with our PerdoProblem spells. YMMV, though :slight_smile: