Philosophic Alchemy

In Mysteries: Revised on page 41 it says:
Minor Philosopic Alchemy requires the process the continue for a complete year. It explains that the amount of vis extrcted is determined by the lowest reult from those four seasons, but it does not say the amount EQUALS the lowest result.
So is the amount of vis extracted equal to the results of the worst season, or is it the worst season times four?

So is A or B correct?
A: the results are 7,7,5,7 equaling 5 vis.
B: the results are 7,7,5,7 equaling 20 vis.

In the preceding example, using Major Philosophic Alchemy, it is clear the result would be 26 vis, and freedom from the year long commitment.

Automatic Extraction of Vis , page 41

Therefore , you do use the lowest of the four Lab Totals and extract only 05 Vis in your example.
The automatic process takes the full year with Minor PA but only 01 season with Major PA.

(at least that is how i read it)

OK, so the major version is more than four times more powerful than the minor. Thanks.
I had read it to mean that the lowest total determines how much vis you got from each season, hence, 5 x 4 season = 20, but i wasn't sure.