[pieces of eight] New Expansion?

@ Jeff:
Are you working on a new Expansion at the moment?
I´d really like to add more coins to the game.
This would add more spins to the game, I think.

We do have an expansion in development, but plans for its release are very much up in the air. (It definitely won't be in the first half of this year, and it's possible it won't be ever, considering the expense of coin manufacture.)

One thing I'm considering is an "open beta" for these new coins as part of the Pieces of Eight winter/spring league push we're planning for retail stores. More details on that as they become available. If that sounds like something that would interest you, sound off!

Absolutely! :open_mouth:

Rock on!

Awesome game btw!!

First, can ya give us ANY hints about it....somehow I doubt it but I gotta ask :wink:

Second, are you taking any suggestions for coins from fans? Where should we send such ideas?

Third, have you considered reprinting old and printing new on plastic tokens (like poker chips) or something to cut down on cost (although the coins are VERY cool for style and feel) [and the whole reverse compat pissing people off who bought 'em already thing.....]

Keep up the great work!!! -Jason

I'm glad you're liking Po8!

I don't think I'm allowed to spill any beans quite yet.

Not for this expansion, but the most interesting thing that you could do with new coin ideas is to start a thread here to discuss them. It's actually pretty easy to try out new coin ideas in actual play by just taking coins that you're otherwise not using and covering them with masking tape (or whatever), and writing the name of the new coin on that. That's what my group did when we playtested this expansion.

It actually turned out that doing them on poker chip style plastic didn't really save any money. And since the metal is much cooler, the decision was a pretty easy one. (One of the reasons is that we'd be expected to print in full color on poker chips, and with so many different coins involved in the game, you can see that there'd be a great expense. Consider, for example, how expensive Clout chips are. We'd have to charge that much or more.)

I´m interested, of course. :wink:

I'd be interested. I tried to get some people interested at my FLGS, but things never really worked out. I got the game out again for a local con, and decided to check in here for any news...

How do you do an open beta, though? The masking tape isn't going to have half the wow-factor of coins, but I can't believe you can afford beta-test coins either.

It would be an open beta in the sense that we'd release the rules for all the coins in the set, and people who wanted to play with them would have to create the actual coins for play themselves, in whatever manner they chose. It wouldn't be a Spoils-type open beta, with manufactured components.

No, the wow-factor wouldn't be there without manufacturing coins, but most of the point would be to pound on the coins' rules and let people know that there's an expansion in the works.

Wow! That would be hot! I'd definately be interested as well. I originally made 4 sets and a mock promo captain out of poker chips with some sharpies (yes I did draw them all, but with names for clarity), but after falling in love with the game bought both sets. There's nothing like the feel of the coins.... It'd be easy to break those out again and add a few "coins"/chips. Bring it on! :wink:


I would buy 3 copies of a new expansion. I freakin love this game!!

Glad you like the game!

If you really want to see an expansion, also send an e-mail to John Nephew and let him know. (You can find his e-mail address on the contact page.)

Of course, something else that wouldn't hurt is convincing all your friends to buy their own sets, since expansion decisions are often made based on performance of existing games.

But again, thanks for the vote of confidence!

It's been awhile, any word on a possible open-beta test/expansion, if not more?!?

Nothing's changed, so far as I'm aware. As always, John's the man to contact if you'd like to see more Pieces of Eight.

Thanks for your interest!