[Pieces of Eight] Stacking Order Ideas

Does anyone have any good ship decks? I am having trouble making any decks that win regularly. Here are a couple that I made, but I would love to see any ideas anyone else has.

Ship 1:
Crows Nest: Cannon

Fore to Aft:
1- Cannon
2- Mate
4- Mate
5- Bomb
6- Broadside
7-Captain's Monkey
8- Captain
9- Mate
10- Pillage
11- Treachery
12- Treachery

Ship 2:
Crows Nest: Black Mark

Fore to Aft:
1- Pillage
2- Pillage
3- Buried Treasure
4- Mate
5- Cannon
6- Broadside
7- Captain's Monkey
8- Barrel of Grog
9- Call to Quarter
10- Captain
11- Mate
12- Pillage

Please comment on these decks and post more.

Neat. I'm curious, though: Why not a third Cannon in the #2 position of your first ship? That lets you continue the two-Cannon attack even when your opponents start eliminating your Cannons.

Name: S.S. Impervious

Strategy: "You other players, you fight amongst yourselves. You can't hurt me, so what's the point?" Treachery and Monkey up front are demoralizing enough to divert attacks to other, less defended ships. Use Broadside and Pillage from the aft to get rid of coins that might actually be able to hurt you. When your opponents have softened each other up, call the Monkey to the Captain to reveal your Mate-riffic attack capabilities.

Crow's Nest: Treachery

  1. Captain's Monkey
  2. Mate
  3. Cutlass
  4. Mate
  5. Cutlass
  6. Mate
  7. Call to Quarters
  8. Captain
  9. Barrel of Grog
  10. Pillage
  11. Pillage
  12. Broadside

Good point about the third cannon. Cannons are best in large numbers. I will replace the Mate in position 2 with a Cannon.

Your defensive ship example got me thinking of another very defensive ship with Captain's Monkey in the fore and Black Mark in the crows nest, but this made me think of a question:

If such a ship were attacked by a ship with two cannons, normally the fore and second-to-fore coins would be destroyed. Can I react by saving my Captain's Monkey AND react by using my Black Mark (because my second-to-fore coin was destroyed)? Does this violate the rule about only a single reaction to a single event?

The letter of the rule is actually this: "A single coin can’t react more than once on the same turn." I interpret this to mean that multiple coins can react at once, even to the same thing, as long as the reactions aren't contradictory. So yes, you could save the Monkey and use the Black Spot when you take a two-Cannon hit. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the only thing that prevents both the Monkey and the Black Spot from reacting to a single coin's destruction is that the Monkey prevents the coin's destruction, which negates the event that the Spot reacts to. But you could, for example, use both the Black Spot and Full Sail to react to the destruction of a single one of your own open coins, making it your turn next as well as causing your opponent to lose his next turn.

I guess You can't use Black Spot because there isn't any open coin destroyed.
The only one open coin attacked, the Captain's Monkey, isn't destroyed at all (it reacts to save himself)... and the only coin destroyed is the second-to-fore... so Black Spot can't be activated.

Is it right?

Yes, exactly.